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Once, Twice, Three Times As Shady

Cut to the staff locker room where Murphy walks in to find Mr. Happy and asks how he is. McManus is like, "The truth? I miss Diane and Emerald City, I'm constipated and have basically fucked up my life." Whoa, Tim! Way to bring the conversation to a dead halt. Just say you're fine, mmmmkay? Murphy asks if he's like to go for a beer. Nope, Tim's got a date. Murphy, "Every time I ask you to do something you're busy. You mad?" Given the opportunity to discuss himself further, Tim replies, "When Glynn fired me, you took my job -- you should've quit." Bellyaching? Anyone? Tim leaves for his "date" with briefcase in hand. On his way out he stops to gaze into Em City with the look of a little boy in front of a pet shop.

We see Said sitting in Martin "Vinyl Lionel" Quern's office with a look of morbid fascination as he stares at the heavy make-up on Querns's cheeks. Blend, people! Blend! Querns deems Said a "pain in the ass" and says he doesn't want violence. He's making changes in Em City and feels the moment has come to quote from the book of Said. Ahem. "I can't seem to forget you. Your Windsong stays on my mind." After which, he says, "The book didn't hold my interest, I found it to be self-righteous...you can go. Said leaves, and the point of this scene whizzes past my apartment.

New Prisoner, Supreme Allah, to whom Said is assigned as a sponsor. Said looks suspicious. As they walk through the main rec room together, Ryan and Busmalis watch him walk by. Hill says he knew him from the "corner." Cyril is curious, and Busmalis wonders what kind of a name is Supreme Allah; I figure it means he's got everything on it. Hill explains, "He's a five percenter. Five percent of black men have a true understanding of life." Ryan chimes in with "Yeah?" "And they also believe that the black man is God and the white man is the devil." Oops! Hi, Keller! Didn't see you there! "They're like Muslims except they smoke weed, deal drugs and do what they have to do." Ah, wise, insightful Keller. Poet grouses because SA is going to be his new pod mate. Off he goes in a huff to give ol' Allah what for and assert his dominance as the alpha pea-in-the-pod. SA greets him with, "They call you Poet, huh?" "Damn skippy they call me Poet!" Hee! SA asks to read his stuff and wins Poet over by complimenting his writing and giving him a new pen. Do I hear the pitter patter of little cupid feet?

Arif and his merry band of Muslims have a little heart-to-heart with our new friend Supreme. Arif tells him they expect him to follow them and forget his whole "enlightenment" thing, because they think it's wrong. Said looks on in the background, and only jumps in when things get a little heated after SA says he intends to stay just the way he is. Cut to Adebesi entering Querns's office as Querns then kicks out Murphy. He shuts the blinds to his office, and we cut to...Adebesi with Said, who asks what Adebesi's up to. Adebesi grins happily, happily enough to make me crack up, and says oh-so-innocently, "Nothing!" Cut to the gathering of the troops in Em City. Querns announces he is appointing Adebesi, Morales, and Pancamo as the trustees to Em City, and he proceeds to transfer all the bikers and Aryans to Gen Pop...including Hoyt, whom I happen to like. Murphy looks pissed. We see Murphy in Querns's office later, yelling how in the holy hell could he appoint the baddest mofos ever to be imprisoned as trustees and transfer prisoners out without telling him first! Querns, ever the cool, over-acted cucumber, says, "I am not Tim McManus looking to have some 'rainbow coalition' in Oz and if you don't like it, you can go with them." Murphy yells, "Fine!" and Querns gets right on the paperwork.

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