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Once, Twice, Three Times As Shady

We cut to Adebesi with Arif, who is in all kinds of disbelief over the fact that Adebesi is a trustee and he wasn't even asked! Also, why aren't any of the new arrivals Muslim? Arif to Adebesi: "I thought we had a deal?" Adebesi to Arif: "We did." The Not! is still hanging in the air between them when Adebesi excuses himself to attend to some business, and we see him walk over to Supreme Deluxe and they shake hands. Arif see Querns on the stairs and ask to speak with him. Querns is all, "Later!" and Arif is all, "Now!" and Querns is like, "Later!" and keeps on moving. Ryan, of course, is watching the whole thing from the window as he ponders why he hasn't yet had an opportunity to remove his wife-beater yet.

Gen Pop. We see a shot of random activity, pool being played, McManus in his office. But wait! What sound through yonder window break? Why, it's some taboo backdoor love! And, not the consensual kind either! Nooo, the kind that McManus has to break up with the help of a few guards and a trip to the hospital! Of course, Dr. Gloria, fresh from the worst experience of her life, is on duty to treat the poor inmate who played wide receiver. Tim offers to get someone else to help him, but she bravely insists she's fine. As we sashay on over to death row, we see Ginzburg in his cell, watching his soaps. Honestly, it's not a very interesting scene sans Shirley, so here's the short version: Ginzburg's health is worsening and he's basically hoping the disease kills him before the state does. Moses suggests he get some medical attention, and thanks to some racial name-calling from one cell over, Moses decides to punch the wall and break his hand, landing him in Dr. Gloria's care. During his visit, he mentions the persistent cough Ginzburg has had, and Gloria is puzzled as to why he hasn't been treated in her absence.

We are treated to a flashback of Gloria's rape. We see that she pulled the ski mask off of her attacker and, well, it's not a pleasant thing to watch. Of course, it's the new prisoner in Em City, Patrick Keenan, and he's sitting in the library with the red-haired guy. He introduces Patrick to Ryan, who calmly acknowledges the Irish bond between all three of them, then compliments him on the gold shamrock necklace hanging around his doomed neck. Patrick knows Ryan and Cyril from the old gang. RHG informs Ryan that Patrick's the one who "did Dr. Nathan." Ryan, still calm: "You? Raped Dr. Nathan?" "Yeah." "Why?" Patrick's answer? He was IN THE MOOD. Final answer? Final answer. Ryan, in all his fineness, shakes his hand and says perhaps they can do business sometime. Uh-oh. Call me crazy but I don't think he means it.

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