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Once, Twice, Three Times As Shady

Cut to Rebadow in Sister Pete's office. "A few years ago, I was attacked. The bruises healed but the fear didn't." Sister nods with understanding. "Killing Hernandez made me feel...alive. And not afraid to die."

Ryan and Cyril in the weight room. Rebadow approaches Ryan and says, "Teach me!" Ryan, "Teach you what?" "Teach me to defend myself!" Ryan tells him with half amusement, half annoyance that he has neither the time nor the interest, but then we hear Cyril pipe up that he'll teach him. Ryan snaps at him, but Cyril just says, "I can if I want." Can't argue with that. Cyril begins instruction, and it's kind of interesting the way that not only Ryan allows it, but that Cyril defied him. Later, in the lunchroom, Rebadow is enjoying his lunch when all of a sudden, your token lunchroom bully walks up and demands his pie. Rebadow says no. Bully says if Rebadow doesn't give up the pie, he'll break his old ass in two. Rebadow says, "Okay." And he delivers the pie right to Bully's face. Everyone in the lunchroom cheers, but Busmalis looks on disapprovingly.

Cut to Keller entering the love-pod to give Beecher an orange he swiped from lunch. Beecher is sitting up in his bed staring at a spot just below his knees. Keller puts the orange in Beecher's hand, and Beecher squeezes it until it squirts and throws it against the window. Hill, outside at a table, says, "Nothing like fresh-squeezed orange juice." Busmalis, at the same table, laments that sharing a cell is like being married and how Rebadow has changed, and after a certain age, people shouldn't change. He clams up toot sweet when Rebadow walks by without so much as a sidelong glance. Rebadow goes to see Morales and reminds him of their deal. He killed Hernandez so he gets to collect a favor from Morales. Morales agrees, and asks what he wants. Rebadow wants to kill someone else. Morales regards all four of Rebadow's heads as Busmalis peeks in the window.

Beecher. He's dreaming of his two children waving bloody stumps. It's a wee bit contrived. He cries in his sleep, and we pan down to Keller looking equal parts concerned and annoyed. Next day, Keller is speaking to Father Mukada about Sister Pete's seemingly blasé attitude towards Beecher's situation and concludes that it must have to do with him. Father Mukada: "Shocking as it may seem, not everything on the planet has to do with you." Word. Word! We cut to Sister Pete and Mukada. Keller is right -- it is about him! Pete feels the façade she's been operating behind during her whole "questioning her faith" period will crumble if she looks Beecher in the eye, and that would be worse than being no help to him. Uh. Okay.

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