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Once, Twice, Three Times As Shady

Switch to Gen Pop. Schillinger stands looking in the mirror while pulling on his right eyelid. His cellmate -- whose name escapes me, so we'll just call him "Snoops," because he reminds me of Madame Medusa's henchman in The Rescuers -- reports to Schillinger that Beech hasn't left his pod in three days and does nothing except sob. Snoops calls him a wuss. Snoops is an ass. Schillinger: "The truly elegant part of this plan of mine is that we don't physically touch Beecher but the damage done is far more hideous." He walks to the front of his cell: "Time to put three and four into motion." Then we see Schillinger on the phone with Hank. "Time to drop off the package."

Father Mukada with Mr. Beecher. Enter Beecher with hands stuffed in his sweatshirt pockets. "Take a seat, Toby." Beecher cuts his dad off. "I know what this is about, Dad. The FBI found Gary?" "Yes." "Gary's body...? He's dead." Beecher continues, "I knew it. I knew it when I heard about the hand." He asks about Holly, but there's no word yet. "I'd like to go to Gary's funeral -- like to bury him next to his mother so I can see the graves I've dug lined up right next to the other." Yeesh! His father hugs him, sobbing. Beecher looks at him and tells him he has no tears left. After gazing at his Dad numbly, Beecher leaves the room. More tears from the head vampire. Mukada lights up.

Beecher and Keller's pod. Beecher in front of the mirror, adjusting his tie. "I've wanted to ask you something, Chris, but I wasn't sure if I wanted the answer." Keller waits. "Was I the first man?" Keller snickers before the last word even makes its way out of Beecher's mouth. Beecher, without emotion: "I guess that answers my question." "No, no." Keller knits his brow and starts fidgeting with Beecher's tie. "I just think this is a weird conversation to be having before you go to your son's funeral." Beecher continues, "The FBI says you're responsible for a series of homosexual murders." Keller starts to protest, but Beecher plods on wearily to his point: "I just need to know whether you have ever felt this way with a man." Keller assures him, rather genuinely, that he has never felt the way he feels with Beecher. Awww. It's actually a very believable scene between the two. Beecher ain't buyin' it, though. "You're lying." And he's out of the pod. Cut to Beecher in the room with his son's coffin. He kneels in front of it and places his hands over the top. As he rests his head on top of it, he says, "Sweet dreams, baby."

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