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Once, Twice, Three Times As Shady

Mukada in a room. Schillinger is shown in. Mukada cuts right to the chase. He tells Schills about Shirley's "code" and that he knows it's Schillinger who fathered her child. Schillinger, of course, denies all charges with a completely straight face, and even goes as far as to say he would have loved to schtup Shirley. God, I miss her. Mukada: "I don't know you or what you're capable of -- I know your reputation, but I find it hard to believe you could cut the hand off a small child." Schillinger calmly denies having anything to do with Gary's death. Mukada tells Schillinger that Beecher is the one who found Hank. Schillinger tells Mukada that he knows, and that it was obviously to get back at him. Mukada vehemently denies this malarkey and shares the very special news that Beecher was attempting to make things right with Schillinger. Vern absorbs this as only Vern can as Mukada implores, "If you have any decency inside you...if you have a soul." Eh? What are you, new? He has no soul! Schillinger exits without a word.

Cut back to the lunchroom. Beecher is with Les, who has information about the kidnapper. After extorting his daughter's dental repairs from Beecher in exchange for the info, Les tells Beecher that Keller hired the kidnapper. Cut to Beecher with an FBI agent, discussing Keller and how he kills for sport. Later, we see the agent in an interrogation room with Keller, asking him about the homosexual murders that occurred before Keller was inslammerated. He questions Keller's sexual preference, since he frequented the same gay bars as the victims. Keller says that fact doesn't make him a killer any more than it makes him gay. He didn't say "gay," but I'm trying to be PC here, people! The agent says, "And yet, you are gay." Keller, "Hee heeeee." They then discuss the bumpy relationship of Keller and Beecher and who gives what to whom. The agent gets to the point and asks about Gary. Keller looks appalled and says, "You must be joking, why would I want to kill Toby's son?" Agent guy leans over and leers, "Now, when have you ever known the FBI to joke?"

Lights out in Em City; Beecher lying in his bunk while Keller brushes his teeth. Beecher with a stony expression. Keller looks at him and asks if he's okay since he's been a little "quiet" all evening. Beecher says, "Let me ask you something, what should I do if I ever find out who killed Gary?" Keller, "Whack 'em. I'll help you." And with that, Keller takes off his shirt and turns around as Beecher pulls a knife and flies off of the bunk, attacking Keller. They struggle, Beecher screaming, "You murdered my son!" The guards bust in and break it up, and as they drag them outside, the two of them go at it again (no, not like that) while all the inmates beat on their pod walls in excitement. Later, we see Les ask Schillinger and Snoops for his payment. Snoops asks Les if his kid's really got rotten teeth.

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