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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Glynn interrogates Schillinger, and reasonably opines that the "JEW" carving suggests that the Brotherhood committed the crime. Schillinger's face looks more beat up now, which is a nice touch, given that Vogel probably would have put up a struggle. Schillinger, all cat that ate the canary, dares Glynn to prove it. He says he will. Schillinger leaves, singing "I Wish I Were In The Land Of Cotton." Hee. In the cafeteria, Alvarez congratulates Schillinger and Mack on the Vogel killing, and boy, Miguel, you are not having a good episode here. Schillinger notes that everyone knows they did it, and that's what counts. Mack asks what they do next, and Schillinger says they take care of Beecher. Mack: "We kill Beecher?" Schillinger: "Yeah. But first we make him suffer. Suffer long and hard." No wire hangers in this house!

Hill speculates that perhaps the greatest person of the millennium was a woman. If this means what I think it means, I may have to take a break and do a dance around my apartment.

Yes! Yes! On Oz TV, we hear that Shirley Bellinger was sentenced to death. We see her led into solitary, and when she turns around, she looks eerily like Mare Winningham in her Six Feet Under appearance. She says to Glynn, "How comfy." He looks disgusted, and leaves. I take back any statement I may have made about the show going downhill.

Hill talks about great men and being remembered. The camera spins around him as he talks, and we see Waldo again. I really want to know if this is a joke. Hill says he doesn't want to be remembered. Then SHUT UP! And we're done.

Oh, by the way, next time some new prisoner shows up. I don't really remember his name -- I'm sure it won't be a big deal.

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