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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Glynn tries to track down the phone call that Alvarez made, but is reminded that the prison only monitors a random selection of prisoner calls, and they didn't catch that one. I'd think that they could at least find out the number he called from the phone company, but I just work here. Later, as Glynn walks through the cafeteria, Schibetta catches him and says he's sorry about his daughter. Glynn asks if everybody knows. Schibetta: "Pretty much, yeah." Heh. Schibetta really needs either to grow the hair out or, preferably, cut it short. It seems like he's sculpted the top part of his hair into a tiara, and I don't think I have to tell you that it's really not a very flattering look. Anyway, he offers to lean on Alvarez so he'll give up the name of the rapist, but Glynn declines, saying he doesn't want to owe little Petey any more favors that he already does, and also, it's wrong. Schibetta: "Right, wrong, there's such a fine line between them." Glynn: "Remember that little statement when Adebisi's massaging your prostate." Well, he actually says, "Not for me," but I like to think he was kicking himself later.

Hill blabs about evil. Glynn enters his daughter's hospital room. Good Lord, he couldn't pull some strings and get her a private room? The poor girl's head is completely wrapped in gauze, her right eye is swollen shut, and she's wearing an oxygen mask. Not a pretty picture. She does seem to wake up when Glynn touches her, although frankly it's a little hard to tell. He holds her hand. Aw. Nothing to say here.

Em City. The lights go out. Wangler lies in bed, Pancamo lights a cigarette, Alvarez chokes the gallina (under the covers, unfortunately), Said prays. Most pointless montage ever. Rebadow sleeps, but we hear a rhythmic noise, and I'm telling you right now, if Busmalis is doing anything with his chicken, you'll need to get a seventh recapper to finish out the classic episodes. Oh, good, he's just digging. "Prisoner Number 98B242, Agamemnon Busmalis, a.k.a. The Mole." We see him stealing something from what looks like a bank vault, then jumping down into a large hole and scrambling through a tunnel. However, when he returns to wherever it was he started from, four cops are waiting for him. Ha! Nice one, Shovel Boy. Grand theft larceny, breaking and entering. Ten years, parole in four. Back in the pod, Rebadow awakes and asks what he's doing. Digging, duh. Rebadow warns him that a hack is coming, and Busmalis scampers (well, not really, but he tries) back into bed.

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