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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Later, through the I'm Higher Than A Team Of On-Duty Sherpas Cam, we see Adebisi, on the balcony, toss the pieces of some of the ripped-out pages into the air. Wangler sits downstairs, looking frankly like he's flatlined, when McManus marches over and demands to know why he isn't in class. Wangler gets in his face, but desists at the swarm of the hacks. McManus grabs him and marches him into the computer room. He questions him, and asks if someone's pressuring him not to go to class. On cue, Adebisi knocks on the door and smiles. McManus gets him to go away, and then tells Wangler that he'll send Adebisi back to Gen Pop, or he'll at least move Wangler to another pod. Wangler resists, but when McManus tells him he'll be mopping the kitchen "twenty-four hours a day" if he doesn't go back to class, he relents. Sure, Tim, what does it matter if he dies as long as he can read his headstone? McManus leads him back to class as Hill VOs that the typical U.S. prisoner is an undereducated male minority, and that the more education he completes in prison, the less likely he is to return once released. Coushaine asks Wangler to read out loud again, as Wangler regards him ambiguously. Will Adebisi make him pay for going back to class? Will McManus intervene? You're not finding out this episode, and I hope this isn't going to turn into one of those plotlines that never ends up going anywhere. Although it does involve Wangler and McManus. On second thought, let's never speak of it again.

Cafeteria. The "other" group discusses whether they'd sleep with any of the female staff at Oz, and I would like to be able to hold down my lunch, so I'm just going to skip it. The important part is that we learn Sister Pete was once married. Hill says her husband died in an accident. He fell off a truck and broke his neck. Rebadow corrects him that Pete's husband was actually pushed off the truck. Pretty smooth exposition there, thankfully.

Solitary, and the first uttering of "Peter, Peter Marie." Yup, it's Giles. Y'all may know I have a weakness for fictional characters named Giles, so that's a point in his favor. Outside the cell, Glynn asks Pete if she knows Giles, and she says no. I thought she had to review every prisoner's file periodically, but whatever. Glynn says they think Giles's mind has snapped, and that he's been asking for her. The open the outer door, and Pete tries to get through to him, but he'll only utter such illuminating tidbits as "amor" and "broom." In an effort to get him to talk more, the bars are opened and she enters the cell, but when she touches him, he completely freaks. You're losing me here, Giles -- I may have to start calling you "William." Or "Crazypants."

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