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No More Mr. Nice Guy

In her office, Pete asks Beecher to bring up the file on Giles. While they wait, Beecher tells her that he and his pals voted her sexiest woman in prison. She scoffs, and then is all, "Really?" Hee. It's easy to take Rita Moreno for granted, but she really is fabulous. The file comes up on screen, and we get a smash cut to a young guy who looks vaguely like Matthew Modine, except with glasses, a leather jacket, and a George McFly haircut. He breaks a car window on a sunny street in front of a warehouse, and a guy in a lab coat runs up and grabs him. As they struggle, a large commercial truck rounds the corner in their direction. Matthew McFly tosses Lab Coat into the street, and the truck runs him over. The appearance of the truck must be a complete coincidence, no? "Prisoner Number 58G714. William Giles." Second-degree murder, life, parole in sixty.

In Glynn's office, Pete begs him to let Giles out of solitary so they can start therapy sessions. Glynn denies the request, as it seems Giles killed a prisoner over some toothpaste only two years ago. That does seem pretty harsh, but on the other hand, if you don't deal with your teeth now, you may face the spoon later, as Robson would be only too happy to tell you. Pete pleads with him, but he ain't having it, and says he has to visit his daughter in the hospital. Yeah, that old excuse. Pete looks like she could use some Calgon right about now. Later, she peeks in on a now-straitjacketed Giles again, who's still calling her name.

Hill asks a question about the first millennium, which he says ended in 999. Sigh.

Said and company pray in the main area when a guy I will descriptively refer to as Rather Large Biker interrupts them. He tells Said to sign for a package. Said is all, "praying, come back later" at first, but when he realizes that his book about the riot has arrived, he signs for the package. For someone who's usually so fastidious about his supplication, he certainly forgot about Allah quickly enough there. I will note, however, that he gives Rather Large Biker an absolutely hysterical "I pity you, you fat, fat man" look as he signs his name. He holds up a copy and tells his clique, "This is proof that the truth cannot be silenced." That's far from the only thing that can't be silenced around here.

Speaking of which, Rebadow goes over to Said in the library, and notes that he's studying a law book. Said informs him that he's been studying law for the past eight months, and opines that the law as written only exists to be circumvented. Rebadow tells him without the law, there is anarchy (well, duh), and asks if Said didn't learn a lesson from the riots. Said: "Oh, I learned. And I have no interest in seeing more men die. No. I intend to use the tools that were used against me. I intend to make the law devour itself." Well, good luck with that!

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