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No More Mr. Nice Guy

In a very clever cut, Oz TV informs us that a "Judge Kibbler" was sentenced to sixteen months in prison for taking bribes in exchange for leniency in three murder cases. Hill pipes up that that's the judge that presided over his trial. Arif suggests he tell Said that. Cut to the three of them in the computer room, as Said asks if Hill was approached about a bribe. Hill says no, and that if anyone approached his lawyer, he never knew about it. Said tells Hill that he has a real shot at getting his verdict overturned. Way to get his hopes up, jackass. Cut to Glynn's office, where Glynn and McManus ask what case they have if Hill wasn't approached about a bribe. Time to turn up your dimmer switches, guys. Said makes the obvious point that if the judge was showing leniency in cases where he was bribed, it's reasonable to assume he was predisposed toward harshness in cases where he wasn't. Glynn asks exactly what Said is asking for, and Said tells him that he'll need increased visitation privileges.

Conference room. Hill berates his lawyer a bit until Said calms him down. Said asks Sprague, the lawyer, if he knew about the bribes, and Sprague reluctantly admits that he did. Said asks why he didn't go to the state judicial commission, but Sprague says that nothing would have happened except that he would never have won a case in front of Kibbler again. All too true, I'm guessing. Later, Said informs Hill that "Marilyn Crenshaw," the A.D.A. who prosecuted Kibbler (wouldn't the D.A. have wanted that one for him- or herself?), is going to meet with them the next day, although there are some other snags. He reassures Hill that they'll succeed as count is called. That gay cross-dresser goes running out of a nearby pod and out of the frame, and I'm starting to think this is an inside joke, like the Oz version of Where's Waldo?

The next day, the aforementioned meeting takes place. Said asks Crenshaw, a comely brunette, if she ever heard Hill's name mentioned in connection with bribes, or if she saw a pattern between the three prisoners who did bribe Kibbler. No to both questions. Basically, Said is trying to get her to say that Hill wasn't offered a chance at a bribe because he's black, but Crenshaw isn't having it, and gets very defensive. Said asks if her definition of justice extends to his "client." Crenshaw: "Your client? Please. The only place that you are a lawyer is in your own head. I see what you're doing! Strutting around, thumbing your nose at the system, thumbing your nose at everything that I believe in! It's not him that I won't help, it's you." To Hill: "You could win this case, but let me give you some free legal advice. Get yourself a lawyer. A real fuckin' lawyer." Apparently, in law school, Crenshaw never missed the class Eviscerating Your Opponent In As Few Sentences As Possible. After she storms out, Hill astutely asks Said if he knows her. Said: "Marilyn and I, before I found Allah, we were engaged to be married." Amicable breakup?

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