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Limp Bizkit

Redding and Morales engage in a staring contest as they leave solitary. McManus lowers his office shades as he expresses a desire to get the truth, even as he knows that he won't get it. So he'll settle for a nonviolence pact. Morales agrees. "Johnny Appleseed" Redding agrees, lamely. Morales leaves, and McManus asks Redding to confirm that Morales supplied the drugs to Hill. Maybe, says Redding, but I just can't be sure. McManus wants to know who it was, and Redding assures him that Hill will cough up the full story in short order.

In the common area, Redding and Hill hug as Morales negotiates with the Sicilians on the Lido Deck. For Redding's half of the drug trade -- and ten percent of Morales's -- the Sicilians will be willing to forgive Morales's indiscretion with Redding. Great, says Morales; I just ask one thing: "You kill Redding." Frankie the Fixer, Pancamo's heir apparent, says that he would love to. In a pod, Redding and Hill share an Afterschool Special moment. Redding explains that, after he was done lashing out in anger at others after Hill's relapse, he realized that he was really angry with himself, since he got Hill strung out in the first place, while he sat in Hill's father's chair and ate Hill's mother's food. He did it because he wanted to keep Hill dependent on him, because he was afraid of losing Hill, and now he feels so guilty. And he almost did the thing that he was most afraid of. "You didn't never need no drugs to keep me close you, man," says Hill. "I always loved you. Always." Redding suddenly realizes that he's sniffling like an old woman and jumps up to leave, lesson learned and moment over.

As they leave the pod, Frankie the Fixer races up to waste Redding, but Hill sees what's happening and throws himself on Frankie. Frankie stabs Hill and drops him to the floor, as a gaggle of inmates and a few COs race toward the hubbub. Mayhem ensues as Hill lies bleeding. Redding makes his way to Hill and begins dragging him across the floor, screaming for a doctor, as Murphy pulls him away and McManus runs through the fracas. As he crouches down, Hill, blood streaked across his face, says, "I can feel my legs," rolls his eyes and, presumably, dies. McManus chokes back sobs, powerless once again as he's confronted with yet another failure of his lifelong dream.

The camera cuts to an empty wheelchair in an empty pod and pulls back to reveal an empty common area, silence where the sounds of Hill's closing monologue should be. That was a really powerful and moving ending to a rather spotty and anti-climactic season. Wonder what that means for the future of narration on Oz. Perhaps Hill left to host the reality show When Prisons Attack.

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