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Limp Bizkit

Miss Sally does the fat-burning Slut Locomotive as Busmalis drools. Schillinger hands him a perfume-stinky letter. It's from Norma. Busmalis asks inmate Fiona, played with gender-bending realness by Rosie O'Donnell, to read the letter, as her dulcet tones will conjure a feeling of Norma's presence. Seems Norma's coming to visit to explain why she stood him up at the altar. On the fifteenth. Today's the fifteenth. Busmalis jumps through a few mental hoops and figures out that, oh my God, Norma's coming to visit today. Norma visits. Norma stands up. Norma's excessively pregnant. Busmalis is a virgin. Do the math along with Busmalis. Norma gets dissed as Busmalis turns and silently walks out of the room.

Rebadow back. Alex sick. Rebadow tired. Rebadow sit. Rebadow stare. Rebadow hold shoe.

The next day, Rebadow explains that he's "on the death watch," which means folding with a perfect hand at cards, sitting idly as a fight rages around him, tapping listlessly on a punching bag, picking at his food, and staring into space. A storm rages, The Power Outage Of Overblown Symbolism causes momentary darkness, and Rebadow knows that Little Alex is no more. Balloons fall from the ceiling.

Morning. McManus rolls the loogie of Alex's death around in his mouth, savoring it, typically unable to spit it out. Blah blah power outage blah blah dead. Rebadow, realizing that his defining cause has disappeared, goes all Edvard Munch and hits the floor, rolling around like Emmanuel Lewis in the "Stop Drop and Roll" project. Or was that "No, Go, Tell?" His Royal McPussness calls for help. Rebadow, subdued, returns to his pod and says something about how preparation for death is actually hope for a miracle, and how death is, like, really really sad. And how last night the lights that went out thirty years ago came back on to finish the job. But Alex was the one in the chair. Yes, that would be The Power Outage Of Overblown Symbolism, careening past the obvious and right into the completely ridiculous. I think Busmalis might have farted. Rebadow pulls -- and claims to now understand -- a piece of red, propellered Adventure Country headgear from his footlocker. For Rebadow, the hat represents Alex at his most alive. As the youngest Shriner ever.

McManus and Murphy get drunk in McManus's office. They bemoan Rebadow's luck. McManus says he's going to let Rebadow go to the funeral. In walks Dave Brass. Wearing a muumuu. He's going to give Rebadow the money. To save his grandson. McManus and Murphy look awkward and afraid as The Towering Giantess Of Irony comes to crush them all into tiny, worthless rubble.

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