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Keller goes to see Sister Pete to talk about Beecher. Sister Pete says that she knows Beecher was in love with Keller, and Keller broke his arm and legs. Keller says, "Well, Jesus Christ, when you put it that way, it makes me sound so cold." Keller says that he is sorry about what happened, and wants to make it up to Beecher by joining Sister Pete's new victim interaction program. Sister Pete says that Beecher has to agree. Keller points out that Beecher respects Sister Pete and will follow her recommendation. Sister Peter asks Keller if he really cares about Beecher. Keller says, "You got no reason to believe me, but yeah." Sister Pete says that she'll see what she can do.

In their cell, Beecher yells at Keller for getting Sister Pete involved. Keller says that he wants to make things right. Keller is having this conversation while taking a leak, naked. You'd think that would be distracting. Beecher says he can't trust Keller, and doesn't even trust himself, and that he's going to get Schillinger. Keller says he can help, but Beecher doesn't want help. Keller laughs at the thought of Beecher doing it alone, but Beecher says, "Ask Metzger." Keller asks if Beecher killed Metzger. Beecher muses that when he hit the girl with his car, he was full of remorse, because he didn't mean to do it, but killing Metzger was sweet. Beecher adds, "You know what else was sweet? Sticking that shank in your back." Keller is surprised. Beecher starts telling details about hiding in the storage room and watching Keller stack copying paper before stabbing him. Keller says, "Tell me it wasn't you." Beecher says that it wasn't, and then says that Keller would never think that he could do it. Keller says that Beecher didn't kill Metzger either, and Beecher says he didn't. Keller gets into his bunk, and then after a pause, he asks how Beecher knew he was stacking copying paper. Beecher says, "Shit. Maybe it was me." Heh. Beecher says he needs to pray now, that God will help him find a way to get revenge on Schillinger. That scene was so amazing because it made you think Beecher did stab Keller, and then you thought he didn't, and then you thought he did again, and at the end you have no idea. All in about two minutes, if that. Great acting, as usual, by Lee Tergesen and Chris Meloni.

The Muslims work in intake. Said asks for a new prisoner's number, and the new prisoner is Chip from Kate & Allie, all grown up. He gives his number very slowly and sarcastically and then walks away. Said comments that the new prisoner's last name is Schillinger.

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