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Ryan reads a book about Muhammad Ali in the library. A guard (the one who looks like Ted Danson) escorts Vern and Robson in. Ryan tells the guard to "get these two fucks away from me." Vern asks after Cyril and informs Ryan that Cyril will be fighting Robson. Ryan stands up and says to Robson, "Beecher bit off the tip of your dick. How'd you like to lose the rest of it?" Vern and Robson make faux-shocked faces as the guard tells Ryan to move along. The guard tells Robson that among the guards, the odds are five to one in Robson's favor.

Ryan and Cyril enter the visitors' room to see their Aunt Brenda. Cyril's all excited that she brought candy, but Ryan slaps it out of his hand because he's in training. Aunt Brenda can't believe that Ryan thinks Cyril should box, given his mental status, and asks Cyril if that's what he wants. Aunt Brenda opines that Ryan bullies Cyril into doing what Ryan wants, and that's why Cyril's brain is "muddled" and he's in prison. Ryan asks Aunt Brenda where he was when their father was beating them and their mother, and that Ryan had to protect Cyril then. Aunt Brenda tells Ryan that he has the devil in him, "just like [his] father." At this, Ryan's gaze goes steely and he throws the candy to the ground and stomps out, calling for Cyril to follow. Cyril gives Aunt Brenda a hug before leaving.

Ryan has a surreptitious conversation with Murphy about Cyril's chances of survival. Murphy tells Ryan about their heritage, and how the Irish had to figure out how to survive, so Ryan will figure something out because it's in his blood. Wow, thanks, Murphy. That was helpful.

Ryan approaches Cudney in the laundry room and asks why the Christians don't have a boxer in the tournament. Cudney says that they feel it's morally wrong. Ryan nods, and then asks Cudney if he's still working bedpan duty in the hospital ward and whether he wants to make some extra cash. Cudney is interested, so Ryan whispers his plan.

In the hospital ward, the preacher pockets a bottle of Chloral Hydrate. In the gym, Ryan grabs Robson's water bottle (which is helpfully labeled and left on a shelf) and pours about half the bottle of Chloral Hydrate in there.

During the match, Cyril appears to be losing, but it's not completely one-sided. The bell rings announcing the end of the round. One of the swishy gay guys carries a card around the ring announcing the new round. In his corner, Robson takes a huge swig out of his water bottle. Ryan sees this and smiles, then tells Cyril that everything's going to be fine. The bell rings to start the new round. Robson keeps rubbing his gloves across his face as if he has flies swarming him. Cyril gets in a bunch of good punches on a clearly disoriented Robson. The bell rings for the end of the round. Are the rounds, like, thirty seconds long? Vern yells at Robson for letting Cyril get the better of him, and makes him drink some more water. Heh. When Robson comes out for the final round, he's stumbling all over the place. Cyril punches him in the gut a few times and then lands a huge uppercut. Robson falls to his back on the mat, out cold. Ryan and Cyril celebrate in the ring. Vern looks confused as Ryan flips him the bird.

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