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Hill tells us that when you are in a race, you want to win at all costs. Hill says that he was best at the short distance races, because he was so fast, and "in [his] 'hood, you had to learn to run before you learned to walk."

Rebadow goes up to Murphy in the guard's control center and says that he's supposed to get a dialysis treatment. Murphy checks his clipboard and doesn't see anything about it. Rebadow explains that he went yesterday, and Gloria told him he would come back today. Clayton offers to call and check it out, and gets on the phone. Murphy adds that the only thing going on for Rebadow today is a visitor. Rebadow says it's his mother, and Murphy gives him one of the funnier looks I've seen Murphy give a prisoner, like, "Your mother is still alive and kicking?"

Rebadow meets with his mother, who looks about the same age as him, or possibly younger. I guess prison ages you. Rebadow tells her about his diabetes. Mama Rebadow talks about Rebadow's grandson who has leukemia, and how he was doing so well after he went to Sea World, but now he's starting to falter. Rebadow wishes he could do something, and Mama Rebadow tells him he should meet the boy, and confesses that she told Rebadow's son the truth about him being in prison. Rebadow is pissed. Mama Rebadow says she didn't want to go to her grave knowing that a promise she made thirty years ago kept Rebadow from meeting his family. Rebadow says firmly that meeting them won't do any good, and walks away. Mama Rebadow yells out, "Not meeting them hasn't done any good either!"

In the cafeteria, Ryan hands Rebadow a special meal. Busmalis tells Rebadow to hurry up so that they can eat before Schillinger gets there. Rebadow ain't looking so hot. Busmalis say that Schillinger always spits in his food and makes him eat it. Rebadow suggests that Busmalis spit in Schillinger's food, but Busmalis says that Schillinger would "rip out [his] salivary glands." Schillinger shows up, and Busmalis starts spitting in his own food. Schillinger just looks at him like he's insane and walks away. Busmalis contemplates his spitty food and asks Rebadow, "Wanna trade?" Hee! Rebadow turns gray(er) and collapses to the floor.

In the infirmary, Gloria treats Rebadow, and asks if he went to dialysis today. Hapless Intern says that he forgot to schedule it. Gloria is pissed.

Later, Gloria goes to visit a much less gray Rebadow in the ward. Gloria comments that it was quite a scare, and asks if there's anything else she can do. Rebadow asks to use the phone. He places a call and says, "Mama? I've changed my mind."

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