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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chris-Mas

And, to strip away any residual enjoyment I might have had from that scene, we cut to Rebadow taking a piss. Whether that last scene turned you on or not, I think it's safe to say that no one wanted to see this. Busmalis enters and says he has to pee too, and at least I know now that this scene can't get any worse. Rebadow slides a tile with his foot to check out Busmalis's progress with the tunnel, and asks if Busmalis if serious about his escape plan. Is this a backhanded assessment of Busmalis's progress? Anyway, the answer is obviously yes, and Rebadow says he can help, as he used to be an architect. He punctuates this by finally letting the liquid fly with a satisfied look on his face. Oh, Foley guys, what did I ever do to you? And is that wasn't bad enough, Busmalis looks on adoringly. I think I may call Aaron for a pep talk, because I don't know how much more of this I can take.

A hack enters Giles's cell and checks his restraints, then allows Sister Pete to enter. She greets him, and suggests they chat. All she gets from him is "Peter Peter Marie," "broom," "amor," and "sick," and this is all stuff he said last time, so can we move this on? She repeats the words back to him, and he freaks. Yeah, now you know how I feel. The hack rushes in, but Pete says it's okay, and succeeds in calming Giles down. She tells him they'll take it as slowly as he wants. Need I add that it better occur off-camera? Giles: "Street." Pete: "Street?" Giles: "Street." Pete: "Avenue?" Giles: "Street." Couch Baron: "Suicide." And, scene. It's way too late for that.

Cut to a council meeting. Coushaine asks why they can't start the meetings with a prayer. Sorry, but I think "Heavenly Father, bless me and keep me and prevent any strange dicks from entering my ass" is best uttered in private. Adebisi puts one of his hats on Ryan's head. I told you he missed his loverboy. Coushaine asks Said for support. Said blathers that prayer is meaningless unless it comes from a place of true belief. Alvarez: "Hey, enough of this shit!" There's a reason he's my boy. Schibetta says he's got a problem: "Certain guys stink." He keeps his eyes on Adebisi as he says that bathing should be mandatory. Someone else said Adebisi's name, so I don't think Petey's making this up, although he could just be trying to make his future Adebisi experience as sanitary as possible. Adebisi lazily tells Schibetta to soap him up. They keep at each other until McManus adjourns the meeting. Well, that was productive.

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