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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chris-Mas

"Prisoner Number 98H462. Richard Hanlon." We see a jovial-looking Hanlon next to a schoolyard, handing some drugs to a nondescript twenty-something guy. The guy promptly overdoses. We don't see whether Hanlon sticks around, but I assume the guy survived, because wouldn't there be some sort of manslaughter charge if he died? I must add, however, that in the still shot they show us, the guy looks very, very dead. Possession and distribution of controlled substances, eight years, parole in five. Sometime later, Hanlon goes upstairs. I'm confused, because earlier it seemed like his pod was on the ground floor. I think the geography of Oz is as inconsistent as that of Casa Summers. Some jerkwad is waiting on the balcony, and swaggeringly asks Hanlon if he'll service him next. Dude, Mack had two goons to help him, and you look like you're about a hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet. Hanlon may be gay, but he's not exactly small. Making my point for me, Hanlon shoves the guy, and he falls over the balcony to his death. Interesting symmetry that this happened in the first Keller episode. Unlike Keller's death, however, which had some ambiguity, this one was clearly an accident -- Hanlon actually tries to grab the guy as he goes over, but fails. Everyone in the main area looks over, and Pancamo makes a "pffft" face that's positively priceless. Hanlon looks chagrined. The body count's really gone up lately, huh? Sign of things to come, I suppose.

In McManus's office, Hanlon tries to tell McManus what happened, but McManus simply tells him he'll be charged with murder. I know there's probably nothing he can do about the charge, but McManus could be a little nicer here, I think. Considering how eager he is to believe the most transparent lies from a lot of the other prisoners, he could give Hanlon the benefit of some doubt. On the other hand, it gives me a reason to hate him again. I think I'll just wrap that feeling around myself like a nice cozy blanket. Hanlon asks what kind of deal he can get if he sings like a canary. McManus is all, that depends on your information, and COULD YOU BE A BIGGER TOOL? Whoa, sorry. It's about 95 degrees in London right now. Hanlon says he knows who killed Vogel, and asks for a lesser charge. McManus says it'll depend on whether the information sticks, and Hanlon, before you give the Aryans a reason to dismember you, maybe you should talk to, I don't know, A LAWYER? After all, a lawyer would presumably tell him that they'd need someone else to come forward to be able to prosecute Schillinger and Mack. Oy.

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