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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chris-Mas

Later, in the main area, Hill wheels up his chair to join the other members of the "other" Em City group. They ask how it's going, and Hill expresses how nervous he is, along with the first doubt he's shown in Said's abilities. I think Said's doing an okay job, but getting Hill's hopes up so high was just grossly irresponsible. You don't promise the kid a pony if there's a good chance you can't deliver. Said arrives and urgently tells Hill that they need to find a "smoking gun," in the form of someone who was asked to give a bribe, didn't, and was sentenced unfairly. Rebadow and Beecher point out that even if such a person exists, finding him would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Said: "Quickest way to find a needle? Burn the haystack." He walks off, and Hill takes over my job momentarily as he asks, "What the fuck does that mean?"

Said does some research online. He takes a printout into Hill's pod, saying that it's a list of all the murderers convicted by Kibbler, and they just need to find the right one to prove bias. Hill points out that they're short on time, and they should have thought of this a week earlier. Said is dumbstruck that anyone could suggest he might have dropped the ball. Well, that's how I took it. Later, Said asks Glynn for more fax privileges. Glynn: "No." He says that if Said wins this case, he'll be appealing the cases of everyone in the prison. Well, not the Aryans', I'm guessing. Glynn brings up that whole "Hill shot a cop" point again, and Said again looks dumbstruck. Dude, it's true. As his lawyer, you'd think you might have a handle on that point. Said grandstands that whether he wins or loses the case, he'll never stop helping others fight for freedom. Well, there's a load off my mind. Glynn's face is what you'd see in the dictionary next to the word "whatever."

Said returns to Hill and confesses his failure. He says he'll get his publisher to contact the lawyers of the people on the list, but Hill, having realized that he's completely fucked, petulantly says they don't have time. Said says that if they lose, he'll appeal, as the judge is overruling his objections because of racism. Hill: "Oh. It couldn't be because most of your objections are stupid!" Slap fight! Slap fight! Said asks Hill if he wants Beecher to take over their "cause," to which Hill screams, "Our cause? This is not our cause; this is my fucking life! I am not you, man; I don't want to be a martyr or a fucking saint! All I want to do is get out of here and be free. Either you can do that, or you leave me the fuck alone!" He does whatever the wheelchair equivalent of "storm off" is, while Said is left to think, "Are you there, Allah? It's me, Kareem."

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