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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chris-Mas

Hearing, parte deux. Said and Hill look like the couple that just broke up and have to sit together at their best friend's wedding. No-Nonsense Judge asks if anyone has anything to say before she gives her ruling. Said does. Gee, what were the chances? Said informs the judge that his investigation has been hampered by the small matter of his incarceration, and she duly notes that. Is there any expression more dismissive than "duly noted"? I just love it. Said adds that while they may never know what Kibbler thought about Hill, they have a pretty clear idea of what he thinks about justice, and that is a nice point. If he's not going to shut up, I prefer him to make sense. Anyway the judge's ruling boils down to this: While the state's argument that the court can't overturn the conviction because there's no precedent for it is complete and utter horseshit, she won't be doing so, as she's exhaustively reviewed the transcripts of Hill's trial, and in her opinion Kibbler acted within the normal bounds of judicial procedure without exception, and gave a sentence consistent with the severity of the crime. Hill's face: "Yeah, I knew this was coming, but wow, it still sucks."

Back in Oz, Said continues to try to get Hill's hopes up, but Hill informs him that the hope is the problem, and that he can't handle getting his hopes crushed again. Said emotionally tells him that hope is all they have. Hill: "No. All I have is Oz." Well, that and your stupid monologues. Nice scene, though.

Classroom. McManus enters as Poet reads one of his poems. Wangler looks like he'd rather be hanging from his thumbs than hearing this, and for once we are in agreement. He finally blurts, "Yo, faggot, are you done with your faggotry yet?" Yeah, his IQ's soaring. Poet unsurprisingly takes offense to that, but they get broken up before any violence can occur. McManus informs Wangler that the next time he starts a fight, he'll be heading for Gen Pop. The class leaves, and Coushaine complains to McManus about Wangler's negative attitude. McManus dishes about the pressure that Adebisi is putting on Wangler, like I know your level of gossip would put most yentas to shame, but should you really be so chatty with a prisoner? The conversation turns to Poet, with Coushaine opining that he has talent. Feh. McManus gives Coushaine a tape recorder and tells him to record five or six of Poet's poems, and what's with the stealth here? Is he going to play the tape backwards to see if Poet's a devil worshipper? Actually, I'd think that just from hearing the tape played forwards.

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