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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chris-Mas

McManus beckons Said into his office. He invites Said to sit, which of course he doesn't. McManus tells him that he finished his book. Said: "I suppose you want my autograph." Hee. McManus gets to the point: he wants Said to show his publisher Poet's poems. Timbo, remember last week when I took your side, saying that Said shouldn't expect anything from you after he treated you like shit? Well, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be able to make the same point to you now. Said agrees, recalling that when he first came to Oz, McManus told him that his "celebrity status" wouldn't get him any special treatment, and while I don't think that was exactly McManus's message there, the point is taken, as McManus is now ready to exploit that status. McManus whines that it's about Poet, but Said calls him out, saying that if Poet's poems are published, it'll garner attention for his education program, which will make him look like a hero. McManus, you might want to go unlisted, because Said sure has your number. McManus: "Could we just put aside all the bullshit between us for once?" I am speechless. Said raises a finger and intones, "Once." Thank you.

Poet goes under the stairs to try to score some drugs off Adebisi and Wangler, but he's got no money, so they tell him to get lost. Adebisi sniffs some drugs using a condom. Hee.

Said finds Poet in the cafeteria line, and tells him that his publisher is interested in Poet's work. He invites Poet to sit with him. Poet does, but then Wangler beans him in the head with a crushed milk carton or something. I guess he's acting his reading comprehension level. Said tells Poet not to react, and that he has a responsibility to explore his gift, and for the love of God, can we get to Keller already? Said tells Poet to trust him. Later, Poet interrupts the Muslims' prayers to tell Said that he is indeed going to be published. McManus is there as well, and toolishly offers his congratulations. Poet shows them a check from the publishers. Later, Poet buys drugs from Adebisi. So not only was he allowed to keep the check, but the prison negotiated it for him? My face is matching Glynn's earlier one. When Adebisi finds out how Poet got the money, he wants Poet to teach him to write, and editors everywhere cringe at the thought of Poet instructing in that particular discipline. Anyway, I'm hoping that Adebisi will forget the idea once the drugs wear off.

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