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Return of the Jab-eye

Cut to Ryan in McManus's office, protesting the madness of it all. He does not want his brother in a cell with Jack. McManus tells him they don't have a choice in the matter and to "just pray for the best." Ryan says, "You fucking pray, say a whole fucking rosary." He slams out of the office.

Cut to a pod, where Jack readies himself for the night. Bottle of water, suspenders in place, he's ready, he wants it to be a typical night. All around, pod people stare as the silly newsman goes up the stairs to the pod. Cue the tension-building music. Ryan, in another pod a few doors down, looks like a caged tiger. His nose is literally pressed against the glass. He stares across to a pod guy, whose name I don't know and who seems to be the designated lookout. Back in danger-pod, Jack puts his things away and introduces himself to Cyril. Cyril politely says hello and wastes no time having a childhood flashback, containing Jack himself doing something with his microphone. We switch to a camera-view of Jack's head. Lisa tells him to move so they can see Cyril. Jack begins his intro: "It's five PM, and already the inmates are in lockdown. The room is about the size of an American bathroom…and smells like one as well." Nice. Dude! A little courtesy for Cyril? Speaking of, Cyril sits up and appears to be listening. He asks who Jack's talking to, which leads to yet another blurry flashback. Scott Winters does the confused blink of remembrance. Jack turns to Cyril: "What do you do before lights out?" Cyril answers, "Wait." For what? For the lights to go out. Like, derrr! Then what? "I say my prayers, and sleep." Jack: "What do you pray for?" "I pray to Jesus that Ryan will be safe, that my daddy will smile and to take care of my mother in heaven." D'oh! Jack: "Your mother died?" Cyril: "Years ago in a hospital, I hate hospitals. I hate the smell…of hospitals. The medicine tastes bad. [Oh, man.] Ryan tells me to take my medicine but…I don't sometimes…like today." We see Ryan, pacing back and forth; he looks over to nameless guy for an update. He asks for thumbs up or down. Dude uses the universal sign for "hang on a sec," and then gives the thumbs-up.

Back at the ranch house, Murphy closes his eyes; he's either pained or drifting off to sleep. Cue the tension-building music again. Shit's gonna hit da fan, yo. Back to danger-pod. Jack asks Cyril if, before the accident, he remembers anything? Cyril: "Yeah, there are flashes…once in a while, like now. I see you and I think maybe I know you." Cue the flashback to chain-link fence, with the two youths leaning against it -- presumably Ryan and Cyril at a tender age. Then we see their weeping mother in front of the television as the two enter their living room. Back to Jack speaking: "We met. Many years ago, you were fifteen at the time." Cut back to their mom rising from the chair and smacking the shit out of Ryan and running off down the hall. Jack VOs that he talked to them about their lives in the gang as we viewers at home see young Cyril picking up a chair and smashing the television. Cue the present-day rage: "You made mama sad! You made mama cry…you gave my mama cancer!!!" Cyril hauls off and uppercuts Jack. Ally's like, holy shit! The no-name-dude starts banging on the Plexiglas to alert Ryan. Ryan loses it and starts screaming Cyril's name and banging on the wall. Everyone's panicking while Cyril whales on Jack. He looks like he's really hitting him, too. The whole attack is pretty realistic. Cut back to Ryan beating on glass some more, and then we go back to Cyril, who pauses in mid-beat, hair all wild, and repeats, "You gave my mama cancer!!!" SWAT comes, and we alternately hear Ryan screaming Cyril's name and Cyril screaming mama-got-the-cancer. As they carry Cyril away, I get a lump in my throat when Cyril switches from screaming "Mama!" to screaming for Ryan. It's actually very sad.

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