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Return of the Jab-eye

Lisa rushes in to check on Jack, who is still alive and turns to the camera to show us his already-swollen, mangled face. She says his name over and over, which really annoys me, and Jack mumbles through his pain, "Did you…?" Lisa: "Did you…did I what?" "Get it all on tape?" Lisa looks ill.

And we're back to Hill. "Television has the power to enlighten, to inform, to lay the bad truth in front of the eyes of the public. Hill then gets up and walks over to the camera, leaning his head on the glass (he's still in his cube-thing): "But do we use the gift wisely? Have we ever?"

Cut to the common room, where everyone is watching the news report on the Jack show, and generic news-guy says they're calling it the ratings stunt that backfired. Ryan is watching the program while Cyril quietly walks behind him and up the stairs to their pod in his creepy, blood-stained shirt. Ryan then removes the headphones and soberly walks up the stairs as well. Back to generic news-guy, who drones on to say that, despite the objections of Lisa Logan, the producer, they won't be airing the show. Ally resigned in protest.

Next week -- Luke Perry! He steals! He heals! It's a regular religion-fest.

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