Napoleon's Boney Parts

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Napoleon's Boney Parts

Hill hops on the computer and finds an article about a murdered family. I'm not sure how he knows it's the family that Snake killed, but he does. The camera focuses in on the words "brutally raped." Hill rolls up to Rebadow, Busmalis, and Beecher, and asks them about the murders. They remember them, and mention that the killer was never caught. Hill says he knows who did it. Beecher wonders if he knew the family, since he cares so much. Hill is upset that the killer has no remorse, and is getting away with it. Rebadow and Busmalis give a little speech about the erosion of honor and justice, which is pretty rich coming from two guys in prison. Hill is still upset, but it's time for lunch.

Hill goes to talk to Said, explaining his conflict. He doesn't want to be a rat, but he feels bad for the kids that were killed. Said asks if Hill is sure that Snake is the killer, because Snake isn't exactly honest. Said thinks he might be like Jiggy Walker, trying to get credit he hasn't earned to look more powerful in prison. Said urges Hill to get the full story from Snake and then convince him to confess.

Flashback of Snake slashing a woman's throat, and then raping her, when a baby starts crying. Remind me not to watch this show right before I go to bed next time, will you? Snake is telling the story of the murders to Kenny and Hill. Back to flashback, as Snake stabs the baby in the heart. Kenny is all impressed with what a "sick motherfucker" Snake is. Hill adds, "Yo, you should turn yourself in, yo." This goes over about as well as would be expected. Hill reasons that Snake would be famous like Manson. Snake says he would go to death row. Hill says that Snake is full of shit anyway, and brings up the Jiggy Walker case. Snake says he isn't lying, and Hill asks for proof. Snake says that he has videotape, that one of his friends brought a video camera to the crime. Hey, that was smart. Kenny is all impressed, and says he'd like to see it. Hill tries to agree, but he's not very convincing, and Snake seems to pick up on that.

Hill and Said go to talk to Leo about Snake. Leo reminds Hill that he won't get anything out of this, and that he needs proof. Hill tells him about the videotape. Leo says he'll call the DA, and adds that Hill has balls for doing this. Hill says he hopes to still have his balls when this is over. Why? They don't work anyway, do they? I just assumed that if his legs don't work, everything below the waist is incommunicado. Moments later, Snake is cuffed and led away. Kenny looks sad. Nappa looks happy. Hill is led into protective custody, where Keller is happy to have some company.

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