Napoleon's Boney Parts

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Napoleon's Boney Parts

A family walks in, and Clayton Hughes admits them to see Carlo Ricardo, a new inmate. Carlo hugs his family, and asks after his mother. His sister makes some excuse, and Carlo seems to know it's not true. Carlo asks after some other guy, and his brother tries to make an excuse, but his father admits that the guy AND his mother don't want to come see him anymore. Carlo looks upset, but seemingly recovers quickly and asks to see pictures of the baby.

Leo regales Diane, Clayton, and some other hack with stories about his own days as a hack as they all drink some liquor. It's quitting time, and they all break up. Good to know that quitting time means that it's time to STOP drinking at Oz. Clayton offers to drive Leo home, and Leo accepts. Clayton also takes the opportunity to beg to be assigned to a cellblock instead of the admitting desk. Leo refuses, since he promised Clayton's father he would take care of his son. Clayton says he'll quit and get a job at another prison. Leo doesn't like it, but says they'll figure it out later. Clayton still wants to drive, but Leo claims that the conversation sobered him up.

Clayton is sitting at the control center of Em City when a disturbance breaks out. Clayton rushes over, and it's none other than Carlo from the visiting room, who quickly pins Clayton against the wall and starts choking him. The other hacks come running, and Carlo is quickly taken down and dragged off to the hole. McManus walks in and gives Clayton back the club that Carlo stole. Clayton tries to regain his composure. McManus asks Poet what that was about, and Poet says that Carlo was "mumbling some shit about his mother." The prisoners stare at Clayton, who asks them what they're looking at. I wish I didn't know how this storyline ends up, because it makes it a lot more poignant.

Some prisoner dances as the other prisoners beat on pots and chant. In the hole, Carlo shadow boxes furiously.

As black-and-white boxing footage plays behind him, Hill reminds us that Napoleon's final defeat came at Waterloo. Hill compares Waterloo to Watergate and Whitewater, and concludes, "Note to politicians: Stay on land."

Governor Devlin is on television talking about how terrible it is that taxpayers have to pay for death row prisoners' endless appeals, and so he's enacting a new law making the fees for lawyers lower. On death row, Shirley Bellinger's lawyer tells her that her appeal was rejected. She asks about the next step. Her lawyer tells her that normally they would go to the state Supreme Court, but he's recusing himself as her attorney because he can't afford to do it with the new lower fees. Shirley wonders what will happen to her, and is told she'll get another court-appointed lawyer. Shirley realizes that the only lawyers who will take the cases under the lower rates are the ones that no one else will hire. Shirley tries to use her feminine wiles to convince her lawyer to stay, but he's not having it. She tells Richie Hanlon that she just realized she's going to die.

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