Napoleon's Boney Parts

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Napoleon's Boney Parts

Schillinger's father visits, and says that young Andy Schillinger has been arrested, and has a court-appointed lawyer. Vern yells at him to hire a "real" lawyer, but Pa Schillinger doesn't have the money. Vern finds out that the court-appointed lawyer is both female and Jewish, and you can imagine how that goes over. Pa Schillinger refuses to throw good money after bad, and Vern's boys are bad. Vern says that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Keller reaches into his pants while looking at some porn (and that's all the details I'm giving about that), just as Leo comes up to the door. Keller wants to get out of protective custody. Leo says that he needs Keller alive to testify against Schillinger. Keller is bored and wants back into Em City. If there's one thing I've learned from watching this show, it's that a bored Keller equals trouble.

The prisoners watch Miss Sally, and Ryan O'Reily says hello to the returning Keller. The Aryans all poke each other to point out Keller's return. Keller puts his stuff in Beecher's cell, where Beecher is busy brushing his teeth. Keller tries to rub Beecher's hair, but Beecher stops him. Keller points out that they've only kissed once, and he wants to kiss him again. Beecher stops him, and Keller yells that he ratted out Schillinger and Metzger for him, and asks if he knows what that cost him. Beecher points out that it could be another scheme Keller and Schillinger cooked up, and he can't trust Keller. Like sands through the hourglass, so go the days of this prison.

This is one of those Oz montages where they fit about a month's worth of plot into five minutes. Schillinger and some other Aryans enter the library, where Keller is looking at some books. They stare each other down. Elsewhere, Schillinger tells someone that Keller knows he's a dead man. Keller stacks paper in a storage room, and he hears a noise. He turns out the overhead light and grabs a ream of paper, yelling for his opponent to bring it on. Keller is attacked from behind, and stabbed in the back by an unseen assailant. Keller is rolled into Gloria's office, coughing up blood. Gloria thinks he has a punctured lung. Vern plays pool with his cronies and jokes about Keller's injuries. Beecher looks at himself in the mirror and rubs his face.

Adebisi (without his little hat!) tells McManus that he doesn't want to work in the kitchen, even though he asked to be assigned there before. Adebisi says there are too many memories, and he doesn't want to fall back into his old ways. Instead, he would like to volunteer in the AIDS ward. McManus is surprised. Adebisi explains that maybe someday he can go back to Africa and help his people.

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