Napoleon's Boney Parts

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Napoleon's Boney Parts

Gloria explains to Adebisi that the patients in the ward are in the final stages of AIDS, so all they can do is make them comfortable. She hands Adebisi some medicine for one of them, and he takes it to the patient, who looks to be on his last legs. The patient takes his medicine and remarks that he didn't come into Oz with AIDS. He asks Adebisi if he's ever had anal sex. Adebisi admits that he has, and it was unprotected. Adebisi says Dr. Nathan needs a blood sample, and the patient protests that he just gave one a minute ago. Adebisi says she dropped it, and draws blood into a syringe.

Adebisi stands outside his pod and watches Nappa walk across the floor below. Adebisi walks down the stair in his mismatched socks with the syringe in his hand. As he passes Nappa, he pricks him with the needle. Nappa cries out and asks Adebisi if he pinches him. Adebisi says no and holds up his hair pick, as if that's what just pricked Nappa's arm.

Hill blabbers on about Napoleon some more. The message this time is, "If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself."

Alvarez goes crazy in solitary, throwing shit around and trying to tear the sink out of the wall. Outside, the prisoners continue chanting and drumming. Sister Pete tells Gloria that Alvarez is agitated and has lost weight since going off Zoloft, and wonders if they could put him back on drugs. Gloria says her boss is ruled by the ledger, and won't approve any expenses. Gloria also hints that if things don't change soon, she's leaving, and that she's going to lay down the law at a meeting later that day. A nurse comes in and says that Rebadow's awake. Sister Pete wants to know what's wrong with him, and Gloria tells her that he went into insulin shock because he has diabetes.

Rebadow is surprised to learn he has diabetes, and is convinced that his body is shutting down. Gloria tells him the course of treatment, and he doesn't look happy.

Gloria's boss asks if she likes working there, and she says she doesn't enjoy herself, but the work is important. The boss pushes the privatization of prison health care. Gloria thinks it will limit her ability to call in specialists or order tests. The boss says it's the same as HMOs on the outside, but Gloria counters that there are laws protecting the consumers on the outside, but not the inmates. Gloria asks about drugs for Alvarez (is that anything like flowers for Algernon?), and the boss blames the overspending on Gloria, even suggesting that they would all be better off if Alvarez killed himself. Gloria quits before he can fire her.

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