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Ryan's Hope

Infirmary. Gloria rushing towards a bed containing Ryan while the nurse explains that he "just collapsed." He opens his eyes when the nurse leaves and Gloria says, "Ryan?" He admits he faked it just to talk to her. She snaps, "You scared the shit out of me!" He asks if they can talk in private. They go into an examining room. Ryan: "You realize this is the first time we've ever been alone?" Marvin Gaye starts piping in the room, and they start dancing towards each other. Okay, no they don't. Gloria tells him she needs to get back out there. "Everything's turning to shit, Gloria, there's a good chance Cyril will be sent away and that I'll be sent to death row for whacking Keenan." "What? How?" "Someone jabbered on me to the warden…wasn't you, was it?" He leans in all close, and she looks back at him nervously: "No." He looks at her and whispers, "Those eyes don't lie." At this point, I would have grabbed him and macked all over the table because he's tasty when he whispers. But that's just me. She tells him to go on. He tells her he heard she may lose her medical license, which means he'll never see her again. She says, "I know." He has a proposition. He leans closer and tells her to not answer right away, he wants her to "really think about what [he is] going to ask [her]." She gulps, "Which is?" "I want you to help…Cyril and me…escape." D'oh!

Hill. "Myths are supposed to teach us something." He asks what we have learned here. Uh, that Ryan gets away with most things? And, when he doesn't, he flirts with a cute doctor until she helps him?

Next week, it's the next to the last show, and it's possible parole for Beecher by the next week. We see Said in the hole (naked!), and basketball games continue. Connelly asks Ryan to help him blow up Oz. Megyn further investigates the power of the pizza Hot Pocket and why she can't seem to eat enough of them.

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