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Beecher again in Pete's office. Speaker phone. Keller's voice piping over. Pete explains that they may have a conversation as long as she stays with Beecher and the other guard stays with Keller. Keller to Beecher: "How are ya?" Beecher: "Better, now." He tells Keller that he may be paroled in a few weeks and if so, he'd like to come up and visit him. Keller: "Hey, Toby, uh…don't." He tells Beecher that if he's lucky enough to get out, to run and stay as far away from Keller as possible. Beecher looks like he might cry: "You giving me an order?" Keller tells him he is on his knees (Right. I can't take that one? Too obvious?) and to stay away from him. Then he hangs up on Beecher. Pete comforts him.

Playroom, where Schillinger waits for Carrie and her offspring. He picks up a doll and holds it, putting it away quickly when a guard opens the door. The guard leaves and Vern sees that in his haste, he placed the doll next to an African-American doll. He moves the white baby away from the African-American doll. Carrie comes walking in with the little one, who is in pink from soft spot to toe. He asks to hold her, and awkwardly does so while Carrie says, "Say hi to Grandpa, Jewel!" "You named her 'Jewel'?" Carrie insists that she is one, and that Hank loved the song "You Were Meant For Me." Cut to the lunchroom, where Robson looks at a snapshot of the baby and says dryly, "She's real cute, Vern." Schillinger persists, "Her name is Jewel." Robson looks on the bright side and says he hopes they don't nickname her "Jew." An orange on a tray stops behind Vern as a voice floats down, "You Shall-inger?" Vern turns around and corrects, "It's Schillinger." The guy is Curtis Bennett. "I knew your son, Hank." "You knew my son Hank?" Thus reminding us that no matter how much he loves his little grandspawn, he's still a racist pig. Robson says he heard that Curtis was a pimp. Curtis says he's proud of it. His girls were the best. Nobody put his babies in a corner! Vern asks him what this has to do with Hank. Well, it seems Hank was short on cash, and like any fine husband would in that situation, he pimped his girl out to make some. He says her name was "Casey, Carrie, something like that." Vern stands up to kick some ass, but the guy insists he doesn't want any trouble. "I thought you knew he pimped that bitch out." Nice. He then goes on to tell Vern that he's surprised the baby didn't come out "golden brown." We all know how Vern would feel about that one. The brotherhood all look pissed.

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