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In the library, Reverend Dylan asks Vern if he's considered the possibility that Curtis is lying. Vern frets that he can't ask her till next week when he has visiting privileges. Dylan says that since Carrie's been talking to Sarah over at the church, so he will ask Sarah if Carrie has ever "mentioned her past." Vern is all worked up, and stands up while saying he has to know if the baby is his grandchild or not. He leaves and stops by Robson on the way out. Robson asks him what they're going to do. Schillinger wants to find out if Curtis is lying. Robson: "And if he is?" Schillinger says he'll stick him himself, right between the eyes. Robson laughs with glee that his big daddy is back. Meanwhile, in Leo's office, Said tells McManus and Glynn that Robson was behind the plot to stab him, thus ending Leroy's life when he jumped in front of the shank to protect Said. Jenkins is on trial for the killing, but Robson is still, well, free. I guess Said wants him on death row, or at least double-dirty-dog imprisoned. McManus says that the only person to corroborate the story is Jenkins: "And he ain't gonna squeal." Said asks them to let him talk to Jenkins…that he'll get him to talk. Leo says no, claiming it will set off another race war. Said regards him calmly and says, "Do what you always do…nothing." Oooh! You go, Said! Cut to the reverend pod as Said enters to interrupt Bible study and ask Dylan for a word. He says he believes Dylan to be "a man of God, truly of faith, that [he] believes in justice." "I do." Said then asks him for "a favor." We next see Dylan loping down the hallway of solitary towards Jenkins's cell. When he enters, Jenkins asks, "Are you here to kill me?" Dylan says no, that he's there to save his soul. Next scene is Leo crowing to Robson that Jenkins "gave you up! He pinned Leroy Tibbs on you." Robson, of course, denies all charges and flips out.

Solitary. Schillinger delivers the mail, and we see Jenkins pacing nervously in his cell. Vern opens the window and says, "Carl…this is for you." And hands a manila envelope through to Jenkins. When opened, we see black-and-white photos of the results of a lynching. It really makes me ill. After looking through the three photos, he finds a note that reads, "N----- Lover." I do not envy the person at HBO who had to scrawl that in black marker. It amazes me how certain words can literally look evil. The note has the same effect on me the photos did. Jenkins looks ill as well, and sits down to wipe his face with his hands and absorb the feeling of being really screwed.

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