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Ryan's Hope

The gym. Timmy Kirk and Jim Burns enter to find Connelly doing push-ups. They try to recruit him for Reverend Dylan's bible study. Connelly asks who Dylan is. Burns says that "today is [his] conversion day," or they're going to beat him silly. I love how they are men of God now. Connelly attacks Burns; they start to scuffle, but Kirk tells Burns to get off because McManus is coming. Tim asks who started it, and they all say they were "boxing." McManus tells Kirk and Burns to get the fuck out and turns to Connelly: "If you want, I can put you in protective custody." He practically coos and starts picking lint off of his shirt. I think he likes him. Connelly just says, "Sounds very confining, so, no thank you." He leaves. Next scene is Connelly meeting with his lawyer, who tells him the bail hearing did happen, but the Justice Department specifically asked the court to deny him bail. The case may go all the way to the Supreme Court, so he's going to be in Oz a while. I sure didn't see THAT coming! I thought for sure he'd be right out of there. As my pause button wears off, I see that Entertainment Tonight is doing a special on forgotten stars, and Sally Struthers is doing an interview where she says she's had very few dates in the last twenty years. The whole interview is a shout-out to Jessica and myself because, as we were heading to Vegas to meet other MBTV folks, we passed a casino that looked, from a distance, like the lights of Vegas, we had finally arrived! Except we hadn't. It was a tiny oasis of lost souls and sitcom stars, and the shining marquee read, "Sally Struthers starring in Annie Get Your Gun." We laughed and laughed and continued chewing our Red Vines, secretly hoping we wouldn't crack from being in car so long. Anyway, in the interview, Sally is totally talking about a musical she did in Vegas and I think it's funny. It wasn't "technically" in Vegas. It was outside of Vegas. Okay, back to Oz.

Ryan visiting with his new mommy. He's asking her why she left. Did his dad beat her? Nope. Did he cheat? Nope. She was barely seventeen and the "world was new," so she ran off. Ryan says he hates his dad and he would never blame her for leaving, but didn't she miss him? She tells him, "From the day I made you to the day I left, you were the only happiness I ever had." That's why she left. Because he was her only happiness. Makes sense that she wouldn't take her only happiness with her, I mean, obviously the best thing to do would be leaving your child with a man that you were unhappy with, so he could then raise said child to grow up into a fine criminal. She does acknowledge that she was young and didn't realize it all, but still. When she comments about having a three-month-old and being a child herself, Ryan does some math in his head. He corrects her and says, "It's Cyril you're thinking of, Cyril was the baby." "No, Ryan, you were the baby." She tells him that Cyril isn't hers, that he's Ryan's half-brother. The music of plot thickening plays as I think to myself, what's the big deal? They are still brothers. They still share a father. So they don't have the same mom, it's not like she just told him Cyril is his father or something. That would be gross. Cut to the O'Reily pod of new developments. Ryan talks to Cyril, who is lying in his cot, about summers in Indiana on Uncle Bill's farm and how when Ryan tried to boss the other kids around, everyone left, but Cyril stayed with him. He asks Cyril if he did that out of fear that Ryan would beat him up…or because they are brothers. He turns to Cyril, who is fast asleep. Ryan broods.

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