Secret Identities

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Secret Identities

In keeping with tradition, I should announce that Adam Bernstein directed this episode. Sure, he's no famous movie star like Steve Buscemi or Matt Dillon! But doesn't he deserve a mention along with everyone else? I thought so.

Hill sits in a giant glass cube and tells us that Socrates or Aristotle or "one of those dead white men" said to "know thyself," and it's the hardest thing that any one of us can ever do. As Hill talks, we see old Vern Schillinger dressed in a toga with a wreath on his head, rubbing his chin as if he is thinking.

In her office, Sister Pete is telling Keller that she felt guilty about something. She plays with the crucifix around her neck. Keller reaches over, much as he did in a previous episode to grab the lint, except that this time he grabs Sister Pete's breast, and begins rubbing it. Sister Pete looks surprised, but then throws her head back in ecstasy and puts her hand, with the crucifix in it, on top of Keller's. A buzzer rings somewhere, pulling Sister Pete out of her reverie. It was all a fantasy. She gets a drink of water. Whew! You go, Sister Pete!

Keller walks through Em City. Murphy yells down that Keller is scheduled for a session with Sister Pete, and it's time to go. Keller decides that he would rather go to the gym. As Keller is walking to the gym, he sees Sister Pete in her office, pacing and looking at her watch. He smirks and continues to the gym. Sister Pete is still pacing when Beecher arrives, sporting a nifty new haircut, and asks if Keller is gone already. Sister Pete admits that Keller missed his second appointment in a row, and then asks Beecher if Keller has said anything about their appointments. Beecher says no, and asks if she's all right.

Keller is talking to Hill in his pod. Beecher enters and asks what's going on with Keller and Sister Pete. Keller denies that anything is going on. Beecher vows that if Keller is going to fuck with Sister Pete, then he (Beecher) is going to fuck with Keller, and stomps out. Hill asks what that was all about, and Keller says that it's Beecher's time of the month. Outside, Said stops Beecher and talks to him.

Murphy tells Alvarez that it's time to go. Alvarez gets up slowly and leaves his pod. Rivera and his wife are waiting in a conference room with Sister Pete. Rivera keeps rolling some dice. Alvarez arrives and walks slowly into the room. Sister Pete makes the introductions, and explains the purpose of the session -- "to provide an environment for discussion, to ask and answer questions, and to share experiences." Sister Pete lays down some ground rules and asks Rivera to begin. Rivera says that thanks to Alvarez, he can't see his beautiful wife. Rivera asks Alvarez if there is a reason why he deserves this. Sister Pete asks if Alvarez has thought about what it's like for Rivera, and Alvarez replies, "Kinda." Rivera wonders why he was targeted instead of the other guards or prison officials. Mrs. Rivera gets pissed that Alvarez isn't giving them a reason for the attack. Sister Pete gets Mrs. Rivera calmed down and asks Alvarez to explain why it happened. Alvarez says that he can't. Rivera guesses that Alvarez did it because of Hernandez. Alvarez admits that it started out that way, but that he hates prison because of what it did to his grandfather, his father, and him, and Rivera represented the prison to him. Rivera takes off his sunglasses and says that he wants his eyes back. Alvarez apologizes. Rivera asks again for his eyes back. Alvarez asks for forgiveness. Sister Pete asks Rivera if he can forgive Alvarez. Rivera says, "Not today," and rolls the dice a final time, getting snake eyes. Mr. and Mrs. Rivera stand up to leave, and Sister Pete asks them to remain open to the possibility of another meeting. Alvarez stares at the dice. Because they are snake eyes. Get it?

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