Straight Life

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Don't Worry, The Title's Ironic

Ross and Schillinger are hanging out in the Pod of Pain when they look up at the door. Ross gapes, but Schillinger keeps a hilarious straight face. "My God. You're even prettier than I thought you'd be!" They crack up, as we see Beecher all dolled up with no place to go. His tips are even frosted. Beecher, lose the pout -- it's just adding to the look.

Alvarez trips as Groves watches happily. Alvarez seems to think he's holding his baby in his arms, which is too sad even to try to make a joke about. Groves tries to tell him that the baby's in that Great Big Playpen In The Sky, but Alvarez wails and tells the baby he loves him. Sniff. Hill tells us drugs won't go away until pain does as well. The final shot is of McManus smoking a joint. If he did that every episode, I might not hate him so much. Nah, that's just the drugs talking.

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