Strange Bedfellows

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You Never Forget Your First Time

In a shot straight out of the credits, a screaming Keller gets thrown twig over berries into the hole. Hey, they should toss Busmalis in there -- he'd really get off on it. Sars, don't get up -- I'll fire myself. ["Take care, now." -- Sars]

Beecher, lost without his Svengali, paces and sweats and flashes back to his kids and to the kiss. He babbles to himself, kisses his reflection, and downs the whole bottle of moonshine -- which, according to Keller, was pure alcohol. This scene was brought to you by the letters N, O, and T.

Hill tells us that our beds are the best friends we have. I hear that -- how do you think I get through these monologues? Thank you and good night!

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