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Rebadow dishes to Said as, below, Walker plays poker with Keller, Ryan, and Beecher. Walker shows four aces, again, but Keller says he's got an ace. Whoops. Before anything happens, however, Said appears and asks Walker for a word. Upstairs, Said and Walker pedeconference as Said says that he wants the information about the PP's drug use to go public. Walker asks what's in it for him, but Said tells him that he'll use his media connections to make Walker famous, and if they get rid of the PP, he'll have a good chance to go free. This all just seems kind of silly, but I suppose I should expect more and more of that. Walker agrees to Said's plan, and Said says he'll need dates and times of the drug transactions. Walker says he didn't keep records, but he has a cousin who can corroborate his story. Said tells him to prepare to do a lot of interviews. Are you getting the feeling that this subplot is full of sound and fury?

Staff meeting. Everyone crows about the scandal. Glynn says that the PP wants Walker to give interviews, and that he wants "full disclosure." And there's another mental image I didn't need ricocheting around my skull. McManus is floored: "Well, I'll be fucked." Hey, when does Officer Claire show up?

On Oz TV, the PP denies Walker's allegations, saying they're just the latest in a long line of accusations perpetrated by a scandal-hungry press, and adds that he's going to Oz to confront Walker. McManus congratulates Said on his coup. Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Not in this case, I'd guess.

The PP holds court in the cafeteria. He distributes copies of his mandatory drug tests, which show that he's clean. He then asks for Walker to be brought in. Walker enters in shackles and jumpsuit, and I have to say, LL's acting technique of All Smirk, All The Time is making me long for the days of Rick Fox, and that's not a compliment. The PP mentions one of the dates on which Walker accused him of buying drugs, and produces documentation that he was at the White House at that time. Walker tries to say that it must have been one of his aides, but the aide he names was with the PP. Whoops, again. For someone who gets four aces every hand in poker, this guy isn't all that lucky. The PP also informs Walker that his cousin denied any knowledge of the alleged drug transactions, and soon, though his smirk remains as insouciant as ever, Walker admits that he lied. The ensuing pearl-clutching is hilarious. Why didn't the female reporters swoon dead away? A drug dealer and convicted felon shined one on. I've gotten bigger shocks from petting Sars's cats in dry weather.

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