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We're Off To See The Wizard

10 PM. Ortolani smokes in bed. Given his fate at the end of the episode, I wonder if this is some sort of PSA. Since he's shirtless again, however, I don't really care. Hill goes on that the routine of Oz will kill you. And we have an episode title, people.

6 AM. Ortolani wakes up and does his routine at the sink again. He walks to his pod window, and sees Said praying.

11 AM. Sanchez calls to Ortolani that he wants to see his daughter. Ortolani fixes Sanchez's bedclothes as he says he thought he was queer. Sanchez: "Queers have daughters." Indeed. Ortolani concedes the point, and reveals that his son is three, the same age as Sanchez's daughter. Sanchez pulls out a pack of cigarettes (I think they're Marlboro Lights, but I can't tell for sure) and offers them to Ortolani. Ortolani says they're not allowed to smoke, but lights them both up anyway. Heh. Ortolani asks how Sanchez got AIDS, and gets the answer that he loved heroin. Ortolani says he sold a lot of heroin, causing Sanchez to speculate that maybe Ortolani is indirectly responsible for his condition. Ortolani gets testy and says he never told Sanchez to share needles. He stomps off, but not without taking Sanchez's cigarette, saying, "No smoking." Heh.

Hallway, Light And Dark. Post comes up to Ortolani and cheerily tells him he's going to be working the AIDS ward with him. He asks if Ortolani has an extra cigarette. Ortolani opens his pack and says, "Sorry, no extras," getting another plus from me, since I've always loved that line. McManus comes up, and Post shows that he's smarter than he looks by disappearing. Ortolani tells him that no matter what reforms or policies he institutes, neither he nor any of the other inmates is ever going to change. He stomps off again. Is it hot in here?

Sister Pete's office. McManus enters and impotently tells her to revoke Ortolani's conjugal visit, substituting family time for it, but "behind the glass." Repellent, odious pantywaist -- again, he can't see anything outside his own warped worldview. He's not angry with Ortolani for the violence; he's angry with him for questioning his vision. Pete says essentially the same thing, but much more nicely: "Oh Tim, you want to be careful of playing God once too often. If you're not careful, the real one's gonna get very pissed off." McManus leaves in a huff. Jerkweed.

Ortolani comes out to see his wife and kids. Everyone's all smiles, and the wife sends the kids to play so they can talk alone. Noting his bruises, she asks what happened. He tells her he slipped in the shower, which is a lot closer to the truth than I would have expected him to get. She tells him the house is so empty. He asks if "they" are treating her okay, meaning, I guess, the outside Wise Guys. She says she doesn't care about the money, but he tells her she has to go on with her life. She's aghast at the prospect of finding anyone else, and he puts the phone down in frustration. He then picks it back up and tells her never to bring the kids back there. He starts to bail, but comes back and touches his fingers to the glass. She puts her hand up, and he smiles and leaves. Aw. He's not bad, just misunderstood! Now I know what it feels like to be a Spike fan.

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