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We're Off To See The Wizard

1 PM. Ortolani and Post are playing cards in Gloria's office. Post is blathering on about a lawsuit that some prisoner brought that resulted in the smoking ban. I feel another rant coming on. Deep breath. Attune. Post: "You ever wonder what it's like to burn someone's eye out?' Ortolani: "Oh yeah." Hee. Gloria comes in and breaks up the party. Post gets back to work, and Gloria tells Ortolani to clean Sanchez up, as he had a little accident. Ortolani playfully refuses at first. Gloria lectures him that Sanchez hasn't got long, and it would be nice for him not to wallow in his own shit in the little time he has left. Ortolani accedes, and slaps Post with a rubber glove on his way out. Post looks after him all, "Soon I will kill you."

Ortolani helps Sanchez back into bed, presumably after having cleaned him up. I'm glad they waited until later in the series to bring the feces on-camera. Sanchez reiterates that he wants to die, and Ortolani offhandedly says he'll get his wish. Sanchez: "Help me." Ortolani lights up a cigarette, takes a puff, and tries to put it in Sanchez's mouth. Sanchez turns away, and pleads, "Help me die." The jokes are drying up here, people.

Ortolani walks into a bathroom stall, looking extremely agitated. Ryan pops his head up over the stall wall and starts taunting him. Ortolani takes a piss as Ryan tells him he's coming to Em City. We get a quick bit of exposition that Ryan ratted Ortolani out to the DA. Just for shooting him? That bastard! Ryan continues with the barbs, including "Lasagna Boy," until Ortolani punches him in the face. He comes around, grabs Ryan, and after a brief scuffle, dunks his head in the toilet. Another plus for Ortolani. Let me clarify: Ryan is my favorite character, ever. But so few people have ever been able to shut him up, and I find Ortolani's straightforward brute force to be worthy of respect. Ortolani bails into the Hazardous Hallway and looks like he's going to fall apart. The camera pans out to show Said watching, holding what I assume is a copy of the Koran. Ortolani asks if Said has all the answers. Said responds that he doesn't have all of them, but he does have some. Ortolani walks off, saying it's too bad he's the wrong color. Said watches him go. It's just a hunch, but I think, from the way Ortolani looked at Said throughout the episode and the way this exchange was filmed, that we're meant to think Ortolani was looking for Said to give him his last rites here. I also think the remark about Said's "color" was masking the real sentiment, which was that he was the wrong religion. I wish I could explain it better, but that's just the overall impression I got.

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