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We're Off To See The Wizard

AIDS ward. We see a closeup of a breathing aid, but on the edge of the frame a shadow is moving. We pan over to a sleeping Sanchez. A hand pulls down his oxygen mask, then clamps over his mouth. He opens his eyes to see Ortolani standing over him, smiling conspiratorially. He's wearing a Gen Pop uniform, which seems strange, but maybe it had something to do with pulling this whole thing off. The inmate in the next bed wakes up and observes what's going on as Sanchez flatlines. It's worth noting that Ortolani isn't wearing gloves or otherwise protecting his hands for this. Whether it's because he's let go of his homophobia, because he wants to die, or both (I think the latter) is for you to decide. And I'm not going to get into a discussion of the ethics of euthanasia here, but I think it's pretty clear that Ortolani thought he was engaging in an act of humanitarian mercy here. Very soon after, McManus gets a quick bulletin from Gloria, and then sees Ortolani manhandled by several hacks. They beat him up much more than necessary, obviously out of revenge for the beating he inflicted on their own in the showers. McManus looks on disgustedly. Well, I'm sure this wasn't your fault, Timmy. It's still Opposite Day, right?

In the hole, a bloody and fully restrained Ortolani twitches. Gloria and McManus enter, and they manage to inject Ortolani with a dose of what I assume is Lorazipan. Hill VOs that lifers eventually realize that they're not leaving, and a calm comes over them. "They are ready to die. And maybe they do what they can to help that shit along."

A hack lets Post into a sleeping Ortolani's cell. Post gives the hack some cash, and he leaves. Post sprays some fluid all over Ortolani, and lights a match. From Ortolani's viewpoint (if he were conscious), we see the match fall from a grinning Post's hand, and everything goes up in flames.

In his office, McManus examines Ortolani's folder, complete with fresh Polaroids of the crispy critter. McManus's first failure. 17,239,873,238 to go.

Great episode, and great performance by Jon Seda. You guys rock! See you on the boards!

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