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Aw, Tom, It's Not Even My Birthday!

For those of you who have been clamoring for this recap, let me sing: Anticipation! An-tiss-i-pay-ay-shun!

New credits. Kirk Acevedo, Rita Moreno, J.K. Simmons, Lee Tergesen, and Dean Winters get bumped up to prime-starring status. Also, there are several rather disturbing shots from episodes to come, but I won't ruin them for you. An-tiss-i...oh, okay, I'll shut up.

Hill mentions the riot as we flash back to "A Game Of Checkers." He tells us that "when the smoke cleared" after the SORT team's raid, six prisoners and two hacks were dead. And no one took the time to off McManus? I know these guys are criminals, but they could show a little decency. We hear that thirty-four others were injured as we see Mukada coughing from gas inhalation, Said getting slugged by the SORT team, and McManus being wheeled to the hospital after having been shot. Okay, I have hope after all. Everyone else gets shoved into Gen Pop, "except for the riot leaders, who were drop-kicked into solitary." We see the door close on a knit-cap-wearing Ryan. Hi, Ryan! We see Said and Adebisi as well.

Cut to the Pernicious Peewee telling reporters he's putting together a gubernatorial commission to investigate the riot. Without saying so, he lets on that he's going to make Glynn the scapegoat for the deaths. Little prick. We hear that "Alvah Case," dean of some law school, is going to head the commission. The PP says that Case is the most respected jurist in the state, and he has complete faith in him. Cut to Glynn's office, where the man in question turns and smiles, "Fuck you, Governor." Well, the man's won my respect already. Case is being played by Charles S. Dutton. It may interest you to learn that according to the IMDb, Dutton served a seven-year prison sentence, during which he studied theater. He was also married to D'Eartha from Charmed for six years. ["He also made the mistake of pulling over Tony Soprano." -- Sars] Anyway, Case exposits that the PP wants him to absolve him of any wrongdoing with regard to the riot response, and also to close Em City permanently. The PP smiles and insinuates that Case will be the next state attorney general if he gives the report the PP wants to hear. Oh, that Pernicious Peewee. So pernicious. Such a peewee. Glynn enters, and the PP leaves. Case wonders aloud if the PP or Glynn committed any wrongdoing, and hesitantly tells Glynn that his head might roll, depending on what he finds. Glynn: "Yeah, you may be doing me one huge fucking favor." Ah, the pre-Six Feet Under days, when the word "fuck" still had some emotional impact. Sadly, after having been used in the best sentence ever uttered in history, "Fuck my legless grandmother," the word has gone pretty much as far as it can go. Not that I'm going to stop fucking using it or anything. I mean, fuck, you know?

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