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Em City. Adebisi returns. Ryan regards him appraisingly, perhaps wondering whether the new hair makes him sexier. Adebisi steels himself and approaches Nappa, who's getting a haircut right in the middle of the main area. Give me a fucking break, here. Adebisi: "I thought the road to my salvation was Africa. But there's nothing pure in Africa. It's backwards, diseased, corrupt. I was dancing in circles. I don't want to live in a hut. By taking Jara's life, you saved mine. Thank you." Nappa nods magnanimously, although he could simply be worried about setting Adebisi off in the vicinity of a pair of scissors. Adebisi asks for his job in the kitchen back. Nappa grants his request, on the condition that he not sell any tits. Adebisi: "Trust me. I'm done with drugs." Need I point out that the last time he said that, he went just the slightest bit squirrelly? He leaves, and Wangler appears immediately and gets up in Nappa's grill, saying that he can't possibly believe Adebisi. Nappa's all, maybe I do, maybe I don't, and in any case, you don't touch him until I give the word, you snivelling stocking-cap-wearing toady. When Wangler's gone, Pancamo asks why they don't just let Wangler kill Adebisi. Nappa breathes that Wangler's getting cocky, and intimates that Adebisi might be a more valuable partner down the road. Nappa, you might want to buy a slide rule or something, because that was a serious miscalculation.

Kitchen. Ryan asks Adebisi what he's up to, but Adebisi says nothing. Ryan: "This is me you're talking to." Yeah, the "special relationships" abound. He asks if he's really not going to get revenge on the "Wops" and Wangler, and Adebisi confirms that. Ryan: "Whatever drugs [Xanax!] they had you on in the psych ward [Xanax!] I hope you brought enough to share. [Xanax Xanax Xanax Xanax XANAX!]" Now, what drug was that again? Ryan walks away, and Wangler and Coyle get in Adebisi's face a bit. Adebisi walks away from him, but flashes back to Jara's death. Guess Wangler doesn't know the adage about letting crazy dogs lie.

A suit-wearing man walks in and notes that Oz's name has changed. I see no point in dragging out the suspense: It's Clayton Hughes. The drunk hack at the desk tells him that his dad is still missed. Clayton thanks him, and says that he's there to see Glynn about applying for a job. Cut to Glynn: "No. Absolutely not." Leo, you're not doing the phrase "no means no" any favors here. Clayton informs us that he came in second in his class in C.O. training. Glynn asks if his mother knows about this, but Clayton says he wants to surprise her. Um, yeah. "Mom, I got a job at the exact same place and doing the exact same thing as Dad when he was killed!" As far as "pleasant" surprises go, that's up there with "I'm getting married to your best friend!" Glynn agrees with me. Clayton tries to convince him, but Glynn says he promised his father he'd watch out for Clayton. Clayton plays the trump card, though, saying that if he doesn't hire him, another prison will. Glynn, unbelievably and unfortunately, doesn't see the easy way out there.

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