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Pete bitches to McManus about Beecher still using drugs, and says he won't stop until he feels he can control his life again. McManus says that that won't happen, as this is a prison, and since when does Timbo realize that prison is actually meant to deprive people of certain liberties? He's making sense here, and I'm both scared and confused as a result. Pete suggests that they remind him of the little girl he killed. Yeah, that'll make his life better. We get a flashback to that tragedy, and then Beecher walks out to meet a blonde-haired woman behind the glass. Although she's facing away from us at first, her reflection reveals that she's been crying. They each hesitantly pick up a phone. The woman, who looks a bit like a less-blonde Rebecca De Mornay, greets him, and says her husband wouldn't come, as he was afraid he might kill him. I'm guessing that's not in Icebreaking For Dummies. Beecher can't seem to find any words, but when the woman presses a photograph of a young girl to the glass, his face contracts in tears. She continues that she's not sure why she came, but she thinks it was to see his face live and up close, and to tell him that she misses her daughter every day. And given the woman's resemblance to Rebecca, I guess it was only a matter of time before the woman went all The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, as she slams the phone against the glass and blurts, "Oh you fucking bastard! I hope you die in here, you motherfucking...! I hope you rot! In hell! You killed my baby!" Great idea, Pete.

Speaking of whom, now we're in her office, and Beecher is speculating that he lets Schillinger treat him the way he does because he feels he deserves to be punished. I thought it was because he and his buddies would hang you by your small intestine if you resisted, but given his resourcefulness in the rest of the episode, it could be that he has a point here. He admits that he hates himself for allowing himself to be debased, as Pete looks a little too pleased with herself. Sister, I like you, but dial it back. He goes on that he hated himself even before he killed the Rockwell girl, and as he says he doesn't want to hate himself anymore, he crushes the tube of Dick Suck Red into his palm. Say goodbye to Pragwood. Say goodbye, my Toby. Pete looks sad.

Beecher returns to the Pod of Pain, where Schillinger confronts him about being high during the variety show. Beecher apologizes, but Schillinger says he's the one that's sorry, and gives Beecher a t-shirt to wear. When he puts it on, we see that there's a Confederate flag on it, an adopted symbol of white supremacists. Beecher tells him that one of the black men will kill him if he wears the shirt outside the pod, and Schillinger agrees, saying "there's a new kid in town," as he looks down at Ross. Beecher offers to move to another pod, but Schillinger denies that request and opens the door. "Goodbye, prag." That's what you think, Vern. Beecher, holding his hands over the flag, goes to see Ryan. Beecher asks what he should do, and Ryan gives him some PCP. Hey, it's a little unorthodox, but I think Ryan was right on the money here. Outside, we hear that the Pernicious Peewee's trial is starting. Beecher marches out of the Party Pod with his vision a little distorted. The camera floats up the stairs. Beecher gets to the top, and observes Ross and Schillinger talking in the Pod of Pain. With no hesitation, he picks up a chair, gets a running start, and smashes the window of the pod. Ross sees him coming and manages to turn away, but Schillinger doesn't, and the apparent result is a lot of glass in Schillinger's eye. You'd think I'd wince after recent developments on Buffy, but no. Beecher yells triumphantly, and then climbs up on the rail and hallucinates a stage dive before the guards pull him back. He lets fly a string of obscenities that almost put Nate and Brenda to shame as Schillinger, who has blood running freely out of his eye, yells for a doctor. The crowd in the main area loudly chants, "Beecher! Beecher!" Fucking awesome. I hope this scene isn't supposed to convey an anti-PCP message, because if so, it failed dramatically.

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