Unnatural Disasters

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Unnatural Disasters

Chazz Palminteri directed this episode, for those of you who care about such things.

Hill sits on an altar where there are many candles burning, and he's wearing a monk's robe. He recites a verse from the Bible about how God would lead his people out of suffering and into the land of milk and honey. Hill points out that although God sent Moses to set the people free, he also caused the Pharaoh to keep the captive. Hill wonders, "Hey, God! Whose side are you on?" Well, that's easy. The Yankees' side. That's what my dad told me. ["A wise man, your father." -- Sars]

Schillinger sorts mail in (where else?) the mailroom. A guard comes in and congratulates Schillinger on "a bouncing baby boy." Schillinger doesn't pay much attention until the guard reveals that Schillinger's son arrived at Oz yesterday, and has been assigned to Em City. Schillinger insists on seeing Leo immediately.

Does Leo have nothing better to do all day than meet with various prisoners? It seems like every time prisoners want to see him, they are ushered right into his office. Anyway, Schillinger tells Leo that Beecher, Keller, and Ryan are all just waiting to get revenge, and now McManus has delivered Schillinger's son to them "on a silver platter." I would really love to see McManus carrying a silver platter with Chip on it, apple in mouth. Schillinger reminds Leo that his daughter was beaten and raped, so Leo knows what it's like to want to protect your own. Leo asks Schillinger what he's supposed to do. Schillinger asks Leo to put Chip in Unit B, with him. Leo reminds Schillinger of all the times Leo has needed a favor, and Schillinger wouldn't cooperate, and points out that Schillinger is now begging. Schillinger admits that he is, in fact, begging. Leo asks if Schillinger has two sons. Schillinger does. Leo says, "Maybe you'll have better luck with the second one," and orders the guard to take Schillinger away. Of course, we know that Schillinger will not have any luck with the second one, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Chip himself is currently under the stairs, snorting drugs.

Keller and Ryan fold laundry. Ryan does a good job, but Keller can't fold for shit. I just thought I'd throw that in there in case you were thinking of hiring either of them to do the washing up. Keller wonders why McManus put Chip in Em City, knowing the history, and suggests that McManus is setting him or Ryan up. Ryan disagrees, stating that McManus hates "that Nazi fuck" more than they do, and could just be hoping that it gets taken care of. Keller wants to know what he means by that. Ryan explains that Chip has been buying a ton of drugs from him, and suggests that they just let him overdose. Beecher, who has been lurking in the corner the whole time, adds, "Or..." Keller says, "Or what?" Before Beecher can answers, Chip comes in and asks Ryan for more of "that good shit." Ryan gives Keller and Beecher a smile and follows Chip out the door.

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