Unnatural Disasters

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Unnatural Disasters

Kenny calls his wife Lauryn, and asks about their baby. He tells her that she forgot his birthday, but admits that it's okay. He wants new boots, and tells her to do whatever she has to in order to send them to him. He tells her that he loves her and hangs up.

Kenny's mother visits, and he asks her about Lauryn. For some reason, he has to talk to her behind barriers with the phone deal, and the others get to have visitors in the visiting room. I don't know why that is. Anyway, Kenny's mom is an idiot, and she tells Kenny that Lauryn has a new boyfriend, and she thinks the new boyfriend is hurting the baby. Yeah, that was a good idea to pass that along, since he can do so much about it from prison. And then she acts all upset, like she thought he would take the news well. In actuality, Kenny blows up and starts yelling, and the guards escort him out.

Kenny paces his cell, yelling about women being bitches, and how he can't do anything about his son being hurt. Pierce points out that he knows people who could take care of it, and it wouldn't be traced back to Kenny by the cops. Kenny considers this, and then tells Pierce to have the boyfriend killed at any price. They shake on it. As Pierce goes to make the call, Kenny stops him and adds, "My wife too."

Pierce hangs up the phone, indicating that it's done. Kenny calls his mother and tells her to go over to Lauryn's and get the baby out of the house tonight, but he won't tell her why.

Hill's back in the monk's robe on the altar. He tells us that Moses finally got the chosen people to the Promised Land, but even then, there were still wars and destruction by the Romans. Hill wonders if there is too much suffering in the world, and then adds that there is too much suffering in Oz for even a guilty man to endure. Hey, don't do the crime if you can't do the time, brother.

Kenny tells his friends that he'll catch up with them later as he hangs out in the back room of the kitchen. After they leave, he lights a candle on a cupcake and starts singing "Happy Birthday" to himself. On the third line, Adebisi slips up behind him, scaring the crap out of me, and finishes the song. Then, Adebisi blows out Kenny's candle. No, I didn't mean that metaphorically. He literally blows out the candle.

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