Unnatural Disasters

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Unnatural Disasters

Schillinger walks into the cafeteria, looking for his son. Ryan points him out, adding, "Nice looking kid." Schillinger stomps over to find Chip face down in his food, so he cuffs him on the head a few times, and finally pulls Chip's head up. Chip has food all over his face, and says sleepily, "Hi, Dad." Schillinger angrily calls the Ted Danson look-alike guard over and asks if the prison still has a no-drug policy, pointing to his son. The guard grabs Chip, who resists and tries to run away. Seeing no escape, Chip jumps on top of a table and starts running along it, while the prisoners cheer. Beecher reaches out and grabs Chip's ankle, causing him to take a digger. Cut to Chip being tossed in solitary, and we get to see his swastika tattoo, and then his naked bum.

In Sister Pete's office, Schillinger tells her that he wants Chip in her rehab group. Sister Pete tells him that an addict will only quit when he wants to. Schillinger notices that Beecher is standing outside, and tells Sister Pete that she should get some curtains as he goes to leave. Beecher walks in and expresses sympathy for Schillinger. Sister Pete tells Beecher that she's going to bring Chip into their group, and she hopes that won't be a problem. Beecher says he's looking forward to it.

Chip joins the rehab group. Some of the other members include Beecher, Keller, Ryan, and Hill. Sister Pete welcomes Chip and explains that they discuss their addictions to try to find the cause, and encourages Chip to share his addiction. Chip invites Sister Pete to fuck herself. Keller yells at him, saying that Sister Pete is a nun. Chip tells Keller to fuck off too. Keller stands up, challenging Chip. Beecher jumps in between them and decks Keller right in the jaw.

Beecher walks into the frame, clad only in a towel. Keller (also wearing a towel and adding combat boots) walks up and reminds Beecher that he was only supposed to punch him in the stomach, but Beecher says it has to look legitimate. Keller points out Chip's location and leaves. Beecher finds Chip talking to Ryan and Cyril under the stairs. Ryan tells Chip that he has a lot of customers to satisfy, so Chip is cut off until a new shipment comes in. Chip isn't happy, but Ryan points out that the only other people selling drugs are black, and he knows Chip won't buy from them. Ryan locks eyes with Beecher and then leaves, and Cyril follows. Chip turns around and sees Beecher standing there. Beecher asks if he's okay. Chip asks him for drugs, but Beecher says he can't get any. Chip looks pissed and walks away.

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