Unnatural Disasters

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Unnatural Disasters

Sister Pete walks out of her office and sees Kenny and Pierce pointing into the visiting room and chuckling. She looks and sees Keller nuzzling with a babe. Keller notices Sister Pete and waves. Sister Pete waves back and smiles. Keller goes back to nuzzling his babe.

Sister Pete looks at some certificate on the wall. I guess it's either her psychology degree or her nun's orders, or something. Ray walks in and says he heard that Leo is allowing Alvarez to participate in the victim-offender interaction program. Sister Pete is on her way to tell Alvarez, and Ray wants to come along. Sister Pete informs him that he can't be involved in the program, because it needs to be between her, Alvarez, and Rivera. Ray looks downtrodden.

Flashback to Rivera, screaming because Alvarez just gouged his eyes out. In the present, Sister Pete goes to see Alvarez and explain the interaction program. Alvarez doesn't understand the point, but Sister Pete points out that prison is punishment, not remorse. Alvarez says he will do it, and Sister Pete says he'll be allowed out of solitary while he is participating. Alvarez knows there is a catch, and Sister Pete admits that Alvarez will have to tell Leo who raped his daughter. Sister Pete says, "This isn't a way out. It's a way in. Understand?" Alvarez sulks on his bed, and Sister Pete leaves. Claire closes the door to his cell.

Sister Pete calls Rivera to see if he and his wife can come and meet with her. Meanwhile, Alvarez returns to Em City. In their meeting, Mrs. Rivera can't believe that Sister Pete wants them to forgive Alvarez. Sister Pete defends the program. Rivera tries to calm his wife down, but she thinks that Alvarez should be on death row. Rivera tells her that he's going to do it, but she doesn't have to. Sister Pete clarifies that either party can call it quits at any time. Rivera says he wants Alvarez to see what he did, and find out why. Sister Pete purses her lips.

Hill is still going on about the various plagues sent to the Pharaoh. Locusts, boils, the whole nine.

El Cid and Guerra go to have a little talk with Alvarez while Alvarez is in the shower. They want to know why he's out of solitary. Alvarez explains about Sister Pete. El Cid doesn't believe it, and thinks that Alvarez confessed that they were behind Rivera's blinding. El Cid wants to know if Alvarez is with them or not. Alvarez says that he's in. El Cid asks Alvarez if he can be their boxing representative. Alvarez says that he's on drugs to stop him from going crazy, and El Cid advises him to stop taking them so that he can win the fight. In the gym, Ryan and Cyril watch Alvarez working the heavy bag.

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