Unnatural Disasters

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Unnatural Disasters

A bell rings, and all the lights come on in Em City. Ryan wakes up and tries to get Cyril up too, explaining that they have to go work in the kitchen and then go box. Cyril doesn't want to box today. Ryan tells him that it's two weeks until his next fight. Cyril says slowly that he doesn't want to box anymore. Ryan isn't having it, and tells Cyril to get up.

Ryan catches up with El Cid, Guerra, and Alvarez. They discuss the fact that Alvarez has his first fight today, versus Jason Kramer. Ryan reminds Guerra that he owes him money from Cyril's win. Guerra pays up, but says he doesn't think that Robson got beat fairly. After a bit of a standoff, El Cid gets Guerra to back down.

It's a "How I Got To Prison" flashback. Some guy takes a package for delivery to Airborne Express, and leaves. The Airborne guy notices blood seeping out of the corner of the box. Hill introduces us to Prisoner #98C931, Jason Kramer. He was convicted September 6th, 1998 of murder in the first degree, kidnapping, and assault with a dangerous instrument. His sentence is life without the possibility of parole.

Ryan approaches Kramer in line at the prison store, asking him if he's ready for his fight against Alvarez. Ryan blathers on about how Kramer has balls, and he'll need them to fight Alvarez. Ryan lets it slip -- purely by accident, I'm sure -- that if Alvarez wins, the Hispanic gang is going to gang-rape Kramer's boyfriend Anthony. Kramer doesn't think that will happen, and adds that everyone only thinks he will lose because he's gay. But, Kramer concludes, there are only two things he knows how to do: "Fight and suck." How can they say those lines with straight faces? I would burst out laughing. Kramer leaves, and Ryan pulls a big wad of cash out of his pocket. Pancamo and some goons walk up. Pancamo hopes that Ryan isn't running "a little side action," because all bets are supposed to go through him. Pancamo demands twenty-five percent of Ryan's cash. Ryan hands the cash over, and then admits that he's betting on Kramer in the fight today.

Flashback to the preacher stealing chloral hydrate from the hospital, and handing it over to Ryan. In the gym, Ryan slips some into the conveniently labeled water bottle belonging to Alvarez. During the fight, Alvarez is winning handily. Kramer gets knocked down but gets back up. Ryan watches Alvarez drink the tainted water. When the next round begins, Kramer beats the crap out of Alvarez, knocking him to his knees. After Alvarez gets back up, Kramer punches him in the gut until the next break. Alvarez drinks more tainted water. In the next round, Kramer gets Alvarez against the ropes, and the ref is forced to break it up. The ref declares Kramer the winner.

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