Unnatural Disasters

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Unnatural Disasters

Hill, still dressed as a Pharaoh, asks us to think about three days of complete darkness, which is what the Pharaoh in the Bible had to contend with. While we might think it doesn't make sense, Hill says, remember that the Pharaohs enslaved the Israelites for four hundred thirty years, and no one should get away with that.

The inmates watch Miss Sally on television. Cyril likes the puppets, but no one else is looking at the puppets. Unless by "puppets," you mean "hooters." The inmates argue over whether Miss Sally is a goddess or a ho; then a group of Christian inmates, led by Cudney, walks in and stands in front of the televisions and accuses the inmates of watching the program out of lust. Well, obviously. Murphy orders Cudney to move away, but he refuses. Murphy calls for a lockdown. The Christian inmates protest, but eventually move along.

McManus works the heavy bag in the staff gym, and Leo walks in and asks how Clayton Hughes is doing as a guard. McManus admits that Clayton is "barely hanging on," and wants to know why Leo has taken such an interest. Leo exposits that he and Clayton's father were guards together, and became like brothers, until Clayton's father was killed in Oz seventeen years ago. Leo adds, "Clayton was his only son," and then punches the heavy bag. Leo, by the way, is jacked. McManus? Not so much.

Ryan congratulates Alvarez on his fight. When Alvarez points out that he lost, Ryan says, "Yeah, but I won," and whips out a wad of bills. Some extra laughs way too hard at that joke, just so that he can say that he was onscreen. I'm surprised he didn't get credited as "Guy Who Laughed Way Too Hard." Ryan and Kenny make fun of Alvarez for getting beat by a gay man. El Cid says quietly to Alvarez that he made their group look bad. Clayton warns them to calm down. The words quickly escalate into action, and Clayton runs over and shocks El Cid with a stun gun. The other inmates look, appropriately enough, stunned, since the stun gun is not part of the guards' regular arsenal in Oz.

Leo and McManus discuss Clayton's infraction. Leo wonders how the stun gun got into Oz, but McManus makes the more important point that Clayton is out of control. Leo turns on McManus, telling him that he has never understood what it's like to be a guard, and he never will. McManus doesn't have much to say to that, so Leo says that he will deal with Clayton himself.

Clayton enters Leo's office, all apologetic. Leo is unexpectedly happy, calling Clayton over to look at something. As soon as Clayton is within range, Leo grabs him and shoves his face down to the desk, pointing out that a prisoner could do the same thing, and Clayton isn't invincible and can't make up his own rules. Clayton says he needed to get respect. Leo informs Clayton that he's being transferred to the library. Clayton tries to protest, but Leo dismisses him, because he has to explain "this wrist-slap to [his] staff." Cut to the library, where Kenny and Pierce walk in. After they are sure that Clayton is watching them, they mime stun-gunning each other, and laugh at what a pansy Clayton really is.

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