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U.S. Male

As letters fall from the sky, Hill tells us that any letter from outside Oz is a potential bomb, full of memories of what life was like before prison. Hill concludes, "Sometimes the sweeter the letter, the more bitter the aftertaste." ["Ooooh, deep. And they dare call someone else Poet?" -- Djb]

Hill voice-overs a letter from someone's mother, full of the usual platitudes about dreaming of when the prisoner is free, and how everything at home is the same. We see a montage. Kenny models a suit for Poet and Pierce. Adebisi stares down Poet and Pierce and then glances at the Hispanic gang. Kenny attends the burial. Adebisi watches Poet and Pierce in the kitchen, and then gives the high sign. Ryan and Cyril duck out as Guerra and some other guy attack Poet and Pierce in the kitchen. Kenny lays a rose on the casket. Adebisi, wearing his multi-colored socks, pours boiling oil on an unconscious Poet and Pierce. Kenny looks thoughtful at the burial.

Poet and Pierce are rolled into the hospital unit with severe burns. Leo questions Ryan and Adebisi, who claim that they didn't see a thing. Murphy calls for a lockdown. Kenny returns to Em City during the lockdown, escorted by a guard. Kenny gets into his cell and asks Pierce (he thinks) why they are in lockdown. Kenny rips the covers off the bunk to reveal Adebisi, and the return of his precarious little hat. Adebisi says menacingly, "Welcome back, Kenny."

El Cid watches the goings-on from his cell. Alvarez asks if Poet and Pierce will live. El Cid says they will for now, but life is precarious. Alvarez asks if he's going to live, and El Cid asks if Alvarez has met with Rivera yet. Alvarez says that he's mostly been talking with Sister Pete. El Cid says as long as Alvarez doesn't give them up, he's safe.

In her office, Sister Pete tells Alvarez that there's no telling what the emotional outcome will be of meeting with Rivera and his wife. She wants Alvarez to tell her what he did to Rivera. Alvarez doesn't see the point, since she knows, but Sister Pete feels that it's important that he articulate what he did. Alvarez says that it happened last summer, and he doesn't know why he did it. He was "fucked up and shit," and "tense." Sister Pete pushes for more, and Alvarez swears and starts pacing the room. Alvarez explains that he stabbed Rivera's eyes and then dropped the scalpel. When the scalpel hit the floor, it made a ringing sound. Sister Pete asks him to sit down, and Alvarez complies. Sister Pete asks again why he did it. Alvarez claims tension again, but Sister Pete says it was deliberate, and he'll need to explain it to Rivera. Alvarez says he will, but he can't tell Sister Pete because he doesn't owe it to her.

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