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Rivera fingers a crucifix and tells Sister Pete that he wants to ask God why this happened, and he has, but he doesn't get any answers. Sister Pete says that God won't answer his questions in a big, booming voice, but instead, through talking to Alvarez. Sister Pete wants to know what Rivera is going to say to Alvarez. Rivera says he wants to know when someone is going to let him out of the dark room. Sister Pete encourages him to continue, but Rivera says he can't say it in front of her. Sister Pete says she's a big girl. Yeah, I mean, she's a psychologist in a prison. You think she hasn't heard it all at this point? Rivera spills forth, cursing Alvarez, and saying that he would have killed himself if it weren't for his wife. Sometimes he thinks he should do it anyway, so that his wife can start over. For the big finale, Rivera whips off his glasses and reveals his scarred and empty eye sockets, saying that he can't cry anymore.

Hill discusses the various forms of junk mail, especially sweepstakes. Hill says that you know you can't win, so you toss it, but what if you made the wrong choice, and you could have won?

McManus bitches to Murphy about Claire getting reinstated to her job, which implies his guilt. Murphy says McManus is a victim of his times, and that nowadays, every man is considering "an ass-grabbing pig," which Murphy thinks is true. McManus says he's not. Murphy points out that McManus bragged about sleeping with every woman in the place, except for Sister Pete. McManus says it was always consensual. Murphy advises him to take Claire to court, and get Gloria and Diane and Sister Pete to testify on his behalf. McManus says that the odds are against him. As Murphy leaves, he says, "When are they ever in your favor?" If they ever need a new partner for Briscoe on Law & Order, I nominate the guy who plays Murphy. ["Seconded" -- Djb] He cracks me up.

McManus discusses the case with his lawyer. She tells him that it'll be a media circus. At first, the story will be hot, and McManus will look guilty at first, especially since the public only half-listens to the news. After a while, the story will cool, and when they win, it won't be reported. McManus will have to carry the stigma for the rest of his life.

In the break room, Sister Pete asks Gloria the deal with Claire's harassment case. Sister Pete doesn't think McManus is guilty. Gloria isn't so sure, since she dated McManus for a while, and says that anything is possible. Just then, McManus walks in and asks both women to be character witnesses in his case. Sister Pete agrees immediately, but Gloria hesitates, saying she wants to talk to Claire first. McManus takes this to mean she thinks he is guilty and thus "capable of abusing women." McManus spits out, "Thanks for the vote of fucking confidence!" Back in his office, McManus seethes and then swipes all the crap off his desk and onto the floor.

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