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U.S. Male

McManus goes to visit Diane in her unit. He asks after her daughter, and then launches into this discussion of the men in the unit who raped, killed, and abused women. Diane wonders what he's going on about, so McManus tells her that he was going to fight Claire's suit, but has decided against it, because he's guilty. McManus says he used Claire for her body, and didn't give a shit about her feelings, and that he did the same thing to his ex-wife, Gloria, and Diane. McManus walks out, but turns back to ask if Diane would have testified on his behalf. Diane says she would, because what they had was real, if only for a moment. I think Diane spends a lot of time watching Lifetime: Television for Women.

Yet another "How I Got to Prison" montage. A guy pulls up to an outdoor café and opens fire, killing many. This is Prisoner #99K871, Yuri Kosygin, convicted March 23rd, 1999 of eight counts of murder in the first degree, four counts of attempted murder, and possession of an illegal firearm. His sentence is, understandably, life without the possibility of parole.

Russky is assigned to be Yuri's buddy in Em City. Once in their pod, they drink some vodka and speak in Russian. Russky finally switches to English, asking Yuri if he was sent to kill him. Yuri does a shot and answers in Russian, which I don't speak, so I can't tell you what he said. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Clayton shows Yuri to the library, where he is assigned to work. Clayton explains the job, and Yuri doesn't respond, so Clayton asks if he understands. Yuri says he does. Clayton gets creeped out by Yuri, because he is creepy, and tells him to sit down until the librarian returns.

Yuri rolls the book cart through the AIDS ward. Nappa comes out to greet him, having heard of Yuri as the biggest killer in Little Odessa, and puts his hand out in friendship. Yuri says he doesn't need Nappa's friendship. Nappa says that his boys control everything that goes in and out of Oz, so if Yuri tries to start his shit, he'll be dead by morning. Yuri chuckles, "You Italians. So melodramatic."

Pancamo and his goons approach Russky in the computer room. Pancamo says that he got word from Nappa that Yuri isn't showing respect. Russky explains that he and Yuri are not friends, since Russky is a Jew and Yuri is a Cossack. Russky explains that Yuri is feared for his savagery, and is far more savage than any Sicilian. Pancamo tells Russky that he should talk to Yuri before Pancamo does.

After lights out, Yuri stands in his pod and stares out. Rebadow and Busmalis discuss how Yuri "scares the living shit out of [them]." Yuri tosses off his robe and gets into his bunk.

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