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U.S. Male

Schillinger, delivering mail, watches Beecher and Chip walk by. Busmalis gets a letter. Hill asks about it, and Busmalis says that he wrote Miss Sally a fan letter, and got back an autographed picture. Keller dismisses it as done by a machine, and they argue over whether the puppet's autograph is real as well. Rebadow reads the letter that came with the picture. Keller says it's a form letter. Hill tells Keller that he's a cynical bastard. Keller says that there's no way Miss Sally can read all her fan mail, much less reply to it. Oh, I know how that goes. Except substitute "hate" for "fan." Keller says that a secretary probably writes the responses, and then he leaves. Cyril thinks they should write Miss Sally and ask her to come visit. Ryan dismisses the idea, but Busmalis says he's going to try. Ryan says he'd like to have sex with Miss Sally. Beecher adds, "I wouldn't mind a four-way with Nooter and Pecky." Ryan says, "What?" Heh.

Murphy announces visiting hours. Ricardo, he of the ever-diminishing visitors, says that he has to go see his family. When he arrives at the visiting room, his father is now missing, and it's down to just his sister and brother. His brother says that their father had a stroke, and he's in intensive care. Ricardo asks if he's going to make it, and no one can answer. Ricardo says he called his father the other day to apologize for cursing at his sister, but before he could, they started talking about something else. Ricardo asks if their father was mad after the last visit. His sister assures him that their father loves him.

Clayton wakes up a sleeping inmate in the library. Seriously, that's all there was to that scene.

Hill explains that a letter arrived the other day that was over thirty years old. The inmate it was addressed to was long dead, so they threw it in the dead letter box without opening it, and now no one will ever know what was inside.

Leo finds Clayton sitting alone in the cafeteria. Clayton wants to know the exact spot where his father died. Leo walks him over near the wall. In a flashback, we see the riot that killed Clayton's father. Clayton squats down and touches the floor, and then asks Leo if his father's killer is still alive in Oz. Leo starts to say something in response, but Clayton has walked away.

Clayton asks Rebadow if he remembers a guard who was killed seventeen years ago. Rebadow doesn't remember. Clayton gets in Rebadow's face and tells him to think about him. Father Ray shows up and wonders why Clayton is beating up an old man, so Clayton stops.

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